Kevin is a dynamic communicator with a witty sense of humor and a heart to see people live life to the fullest. He regularly speaks at leadership events in the greater Arkansas area. Kevin’s audiences leave each engagement with a great sense of value through life application presentations and leadership development. Kevin speaks at community events, leadership seminars, retreats and churches on a regular basis.


Lori Walker, Director of Marketing and Corporate Relations, John Brown University

“After a series of leadership training courses one that clearly stood out was Kevin’s presentation on communication. He was able to bring a difficult topic to a level that made you see the simplicity in analyzing a difficult situation. We as leaders set the tone for our working environment and to have had the opportunity to listen to Kevin speak on this topic was well received and appreciated by all in attendance. His delivery and style to his presentation was superb and easily transferable to high intensity jobs as well as daily life. I would gladly listen to him again!”

Donna Bragg, Arkansas Market Director of Marketing & Communications, Sparks Health System

“Kevin Thompson is a dynamic pastor, but he is also an energetic and entertaining speaker, particularly in the area of leadership and communication. He spoke to our Sparks Health System Management Team about Effective Communication recently, and I’m confident his message made an impact on everyone who attended. To this day, we reference the ‘chairs’ from which he moved to and fro to illustrate his points! It was a great session filled with useful intelligence and humor.”

Scott Hunter, Chief Financial Officer, O.K. Industries, Inc.

“Kevin spoke at our annual Corporate Christmas luncheon in 2012. His presentation was relevant and he blended business and Christian values in a way that was very well received by the management and office staff in attendance. I would highly recommend Kevin if your organization is considering a dynamic keynote speaker to address your employees on any given Christian or current event topic. Kevin will keep your audience’s attention during his entire presentation.”


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