What it takes to make your marriage work

Great marriages don't just happen — they're made, intentionally, day by day.

The number one cause of divorce isn’t adultery or finances or disagreements. It’s apathy—a lack of intentional emotional, physical, and mental investment in the relationship. It’s forgetting that as a husband or wife you have three distinct roles: friend, partner and lover.

With engaging stories and clear, simple language, pastor Kevin A. Thompson shows how to live out those roles. He helps you and your spouse grow your friendship, be supportive partners through the good times and the bad, and develop a healthy and satisfying sex life.

Whether you are star-eyed in love or struggling to make it work, this book will show you how to keep your marriage healthy, strong, and fulfilling.


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    Kevin Thompson


    Kevin A. Thompson is lead pastor at Community Bible Church, a growing multisite church with four locations in western Arkansas. Every year he meets with nearly one hundred couples with a range of needs, from premarital counseling to navigating the most serious betrayals. A marriage and parenting conference speaker, he lives with his wife, Jenny, and their two children in Arkansas. He blogs at www.kevinathompson.com.


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