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A Simple Method for Finding God’s Will

When we have a decision to make, we should consider a stop light.

Every decision falls into one of three categories—red, yellow, or green.

When we are considering doing something which God forbids, STOP. There is no need to debate whether we should steal, lie, cheat, or do anything else which the Bible forbids.

When we are considering doing something which God commands, GO. There is no need to debate whether we should love, forgive, extend mercy, or do anything else which the Bible clearly commands.

When we are considering doing something which God neither forbids nor commands, CAUTION. In these moments the process is more important than the outcome. Many of our decisions are not clearly forbidden or commanded.

  • Where should we live?
  • Which college should we attend?
  • Should we accept the promotion?
  • Should we put our parent in a nursing home?

These decisions are not spelled out in Scripture. These are the decisions we have to debate, seek advice, pray about, and eventually make a decision based on faith. In these moments we should move methodically, focusing more on the process of decision making than the actual decision.

By thinking about the stop light, we can more quickly grasp how much mental energy should be expended on the decision.

Need help with a decision on CAUTION? Watch this video to see the mistakes most people make when searching for the will of God.

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