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I’m Kevin A. Thompson. The A stands for Allen. I use it because there are a million Kevin Thompson’s spread across the internet.

On this website, I write about life, leadership, marriage, and parenting (specifically parenting a child with special needs.) When I first started in 2013, I posted five times a week, but over the past few years I’ve cut that back to weekly.

Life is hard enough. We don’t need to make it harder. I write about ways in which we can make better choices so as not to complicate our lives any more than they already are. Each post will provide an insight or idea of how we can make better choices.

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Whenever I think about my life, I consider three major roles: husband/father, communicator, and pastor.


Jenny and I were married in 2000. According to her, we met in college, because she likes to deny the time in high school when she completely blew me off. The second meeting went better and we have been together ever since.

While I write on marriage, we don’t claim to have the perfect marriage, but we do think it is very good and we are continually striving to get better. Jenny is my main editor and approves nearly everything I write.

She is the owner of Forte Media Partners, a full-service advertising agency which began in 2013. Her clients are spread across the U.S. and she strives to serve them through effective, but cost-efficient ways.

We have two children. If you read many articles it won’t take long to hear a story about Ella or Silas. While we are charged with raising them, they are the ones regularly teaching us. Parenting may be difficult, but it is one of the greatest privileges of life.


I’m an author, writer, and speaker.

My first book, You Turn: For When the Nearest Exit is Behind You, was published in 2015 and is available on Amazon. My second book is Friends, Partners, and Lovers released in 2017. Happily, published in 2018, is the sequel to FPL showing the attitude couples need when carrying out the roles of friend, partner, and lover. In 2021, Fearless Families published. It is the most personal book I’ve written. It tells the story about how anxiety can harm a family, giving a game plan of how to overcome that struggle.

While I love writing, my first passion is public speaking. From marriage or parenting conferences to corporate events to speaking in churches, I love the eye-to-eye connection which speaking provides.


For 19 years, I was on staff at  Community Bible Church, a multi-site church in the Greater Fort Smith Region. I spent the last 13 as Lead Pastor. In 2021, we made a significant change coming to Bayside Church just outside Sacramento, CA where I serve as the Married Life Pastor. In this role, I interact with individuals and families on the happiest and the most tragic days of their lives. We work through marriage and family issues, personal finance, leadership, work-related difficulties, grief, parenting, and every major issue which a person might face.

For a sample sermon, watch here as I talk about sex within the context of marriage.


M.Div., Beeson Divinity School Samford University

B.A. in Pastoral Ministry, Oklahoma Baptist University


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