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Click Here to Check the List

Ok, this isn’t the website to check the Ashley Madison list. That is somewhere else. But before you find it (and you will find it), give me a second.

Why do you want to see the list? (Click Here to go back to the previous post)

Is it to celebrate in the pain of others? I’ll admit, part of me was wondering if I might see a name or two on there which would make me happy. We all like for one of our enemies to get what we think is coming to them.

Is it to make yourself feel better? You know you’ve done wrong, but at least your name wasn’t on the Ashley Madison list.

Chances are, your intention for seeing the list is not good. (As a pastor I could claim spiritual reasons for checking. I was protecting the church and seeing what potential work I might need to do. Yet were my motives completely pure?) (See: Installing Soft Walls in Your Church)

Before reading the list, at least consider:

  • What if your darkest secrets were listed for everyone to see?
  • What if the worst act you committed seven years ago was just released today?
  • What if your mom or dad, husband or wife, son or daughter was on the list?

While I would never excuse any name on the list, my heart breaks for the families. They are the victims of a criminal act.  Yet they are left to deal with the public shame of what they have done.

Remember, just because your name isn’t on the list does not mean you are innocent. You are not. I am not.

There are a thousand other lists of sins which my name would rightly be on. Thankfully I’m not required to give my credit card number before gossiping. I don’t have to list my hometown before lying. I don’t have to give my legal name before judging. (See: The Most Confident Christians)

If I did, my name would top the sin list. Instead, my sin remains anonymous while my fellow sinners have their mistakes broadcast on the local news.

Their actions were wrong, but view them in the context of human beings who are hurting. As you read the list, have compassion.

7 Responses to Click Here to Check the List
  1. Alexander Hamilton, esq. Reply

    “To see who is on the list from your hometown Click Here” Uhhhhh….this is really a stupid trick, it’s like some pop-up advertising where you never go back to the site.

    • Kevin A. Thompson Reply

      That is a fair opinion, but here is why I disagree. Pop-up advertising is attempting to hijack you for their purposes. They are exploiting you for them. My “click here” was about helping you. I have nothing to sell. While I track clicks, I do not personally gain from them. While I might lose a reader or two because of it, my intent is to help those who are hurting and to help us all see the brokenness in our own hearts. Whether I will be successful or not is debatable, but my intent is radically different than the normal click baiters.

  2. Nelly Reply

    This was very eye opening! I was surprised you actually had a link to view names on Ashely Madison! We all struggle with sin and everything you said rang very true. Thank you.

  3. Kim Reply

    I thought the same Nelly. My brain was thinking “really? Kevin is going to perpetuate gossip and hurt?” And then I clicked on it and realize that’s exactly why I clicked on it. It was definitely eye opening. I don’t think it’s a stupid idea at all Kevin. If it makes you look at yourself differently, then mission accomplished.

  4. Angie Reply

    I don’t want to leave a comment. Then everyone will know that I clicked! lol Guess I will be transparent… Great reminder Kevin. THANK YOU

  5. Eliza Schuyler Reply

    Alexander, there’s a million things you haven’t done

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