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Every Successful Person I Know Does This…

Comfort or success?

That’s the question.

Every successful person I know has one thing in common: they value success more than comfort.

The two are always at odds. You can’t have success if comfort is your highest pursuit. (See: You Hurt My Feelings)

Success demands discomfort.

It requires us to face challenges, to explore areas outside of our expertise, to identify and improve our flaws, to confront others, to face our darkest fears, and to tackle whatever stands between us and success. Discomfort is a consistent hurdle on the track of success. We have to confront it over and over again.

Yet most people are not willing to face the discomfort which success demands.

We won’t face it because we desire comfort more than success.

Without intention, humanity will value comfort over all other things. It’s why we avoid conversations, deny our flaws, keep making the same New Year’s resolutions every January, experience a mediocre marriage, never move up in our career, and have the same hopes and desires as we did a year ago.

Most of us never succeed because we do not have a high enough pain tolerance to experience success.

Consider it:

Does our country have a high enough pain tolerance to suffer through some tough years in order to tackle our national debt or will we keep pushing the debt onto our children and grandchildren?

Do married couples have a high enough pain tolerance to deal with the real issues of their marriage or will they live another day denying the deep hurts and bad habits that are destroying their relationships?

Will you have a high enough pain tolerance to explore the real issues which are holding you back in life?

Without a high pain tolerance, success cannot be found. (See: I Love People Who Have This)

Most of us never succeed because we have a low pain tolerance. We value comfort more than success.

Sadly, when we pursue comfort at the expense of success we end up with neither.

It’s the great irony of pursuing comfort; we never find it. We might experience it in the moment, but it’s never lasting. Comfort is a mirage which woos us from doing what is right. We ignore the long-term need for the sake of temporary ease.

Yet the constant pursuit of comfort is, in fact, discomforting. The fear of being uncomfortable becomes the most prevalent anxiety in our lives.

How many of our actions are determined not by what is right or necessary, but by what will most likely lead to the greatest amount of immediate comfort.

This is why so many families are in debt. They are unwilling to suffer in the moment in order to have financial freedom years from now. (See: I Know Who Is In Charge of Your Family)

This is why so many churches are dying. They are unwilling to fight for the sake of the gospel because it might offend a long-term member.

This is why so many leaders are failing. They are unwilling to do what is right for fear they may be disliked.

This is why so many individuals are unhappy. They are not willing to suffer a little today in order to experience success tomorrow. (See: I Just Want to be Happy)

Many people never succeed because they value comfort over success. Their pain tolerance is so low that they will do anything to avoid pain. And in avoiding pain, they avoid the only avenue in which success can be found.

Marriage counseling is uncomfortable.

Saying “I’m sorry” is uncomfortable.

Asking others to tell you your weaknesses is uncomfortable.

Confronting the brutal facts is uncomfortable. (See: What Every Leader Should Look For)

Yet it’s only in facing the uncomfortable things that we can have an opportunity  to experience a successful marriage, career, or life.

Every successful person I know values success more than comfort.

Which will you value today?


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