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Find the Privilege

You have given me a privilege.

By clicking on a link, sharing the article on Facebook (please share), or subscribing to the email list (please subscribe) you have given me entry into your life. It might just be for a few seconds or for four minutes, but either way you have kindly granted me the privilege of speaking to you.

Whenever I lose sight of the privilege, writing can become tedious. Coming up with an idea, pounding out the words, preparing the article, and doing all the work for each post can feel like a job.

But when I remember the privilege, my whole approach is different. Each element of the process is a step toward the great gift which people have given me. (See: Gratitude–A Simple Way to Better Your Day)

As it is in writing, so it is in life. As long as we remember the privilege we have been given, the process will be an honor—a life-breathing gift which we have been given. But the moment we lose sight of the privilege, everything becomes burdensome.

I often begin wedding ceremonies with an explanation of the giving of the bride. While giving away the bride comes from a less-than-honorable tradition when women were viewed as property, the act can serve as great symbolism for the bride and groom. I instruct the groom to look at the father and consider what the father is doing. He is giving away one of his most valuable treasures. He has agreed to give the bride to the groom. For as long as the bride and groom view each other as a gift they have been given, they will do the work necessary to allow the marriage to thrive. But the moment they view one another as an entitlement, the marriage will be in trouble. (See: Why We Should Still Give Away the Bride)

Life is full of privilege. People grant us access into their lives that we do not deserve. We are given time, attention, and a variety of other gifts which are easily overlooked.

Whenever we lose sight of the privilege, we lose heart for the person. We focus on the task instead of the people. Life becomes work rather than a gift.

Beyond marriage, consider the privilege in:

Leadership. Leading a group of people is a great gift. They trust you enough to listen and follow. They allow you to set the course. They submit themselves to your direction.

Parenting. Who deserves to be a parent? While parenting is exhausting, it is also one of life’s greatest privileges. As a pastor, I’m well aware of many people who would do anything to have a baby. While some assume getting pregnant and giving birth is easy, I’m aware of what a great gift it is. Clearly a parent can’t see the privilege in every moment, but we should often stop and thank God for allowing us to be a parent. (See: A Father’s Primary Role)

Work. Most people do not like their jobs, yet having a job is a privilege. This doesn’t mean you have to keep the job you have or you can’t look for another one. But it does mean if you get the honor of using your skills to be part of the economy, you are blessed.

Freedom. As an American, it is a tremendous privilege to have the freedom I have in speech, religion, and a variety of other areas. Many men and women have given their lives to gain my freedom and protect it. I should never take it for granted.

Faith. As a person of faith, I believe God has given me tremendous privilege. The ability to know Him, recognize His presence, feel His love, and respond to His call is a tremendous gift.

Life. Your next breath is not guaranteed. If you experience it, you are fortunate. While life is full of plenty of sorrow and struggles, every person alive should feel gratitude for having been given one more day. (See: Drill, Rest, Then Drill Again)

In every circumstance of life we should find the privilege in the moment. It doesn’t mean we live in denial. It doesn’t mean we ignore the sorrow. But it does mean that in the midst of the struggle we also find the things for which we can give thanks. We find the privilege and with it will come a different perspective.

3 Responses to Find the Privilege
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