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Five Proverbs to Start Your Day

The Book of Proverbs has long been one of my favorite books. Whenever I find myself in a waiting room, I will often pull up the chapter of Proverbs which corresponds to the day’s date and read the sayings.

Proverbs shows us how the world often works. There may be exceptions to some of the rules, but generally speaking, life is better when we live by these principles.

Here are five of the lesser-known Proverbs which provide a good start to your day:

1. “Ponder the path of your feet; then all your ways will be sure.” (4.26)

Foolishness is often the result of apathy. Failing to plan our actions opens us up to greater temptations. Fail to plan your day and your chances of accomplishing meaningful work greatly diminishes. Plan your diet for the day and you are far more likely to make wise food choices compared to just waiting until lunch time and finding something to eat. To “ponder” means to consider what is the wisest choice of action. Do that, and life will be different. (See: Start Making Good Decisions)

Today will likely require many decisions from you. Stop and consider what is the wisest direction to walk.

2. “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid.” (12.1)

Humanity is predisposed to despise discipline. It’s unpleasant; we would rather do whatever we want. One can only learn to love discipline. It will never happen naturally. Yet as we understand the benefits of correction, we can begin to appreciate the people and process which points out our faults and directs us down the right path.

Some might unfairly criticize you; do not be defined by their critique. But others will lovingly point out your wrongs. Embrace these people.

3. “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.” (13.20)

Few things define us as much as our friends. A few thousand years after this proverb was written, researchers are still discovering the truth in this sentence. Who we spend the most amount of our time with will often determines our attitude, weight, perspective, and life satisfaction. If a person intentionally surrounds themselves with wise people, they will likely become wise. If they are surrounded by complainers, whiners, or fools, they will become a fool.  (See: Love Your Friends, Don’t Listen to Them)

As a junior high student often longs to be in the cool crowd, a mature adult should seek out the wise crowd. Surround yourself with people who are wiser than you and you will reap the reward.

4. “How much better to get wisdom than gold!” (16.16)

We live in a money-hungry age. While we know it’s not true for others, we believe it is true for ourselves that money can solve our every problem. We are sadly mistaken. Wisdom is far more beneficial than money. Wisdom with money can accomplish great things. Wisdom without money can still provide great satisfaction. But money without wisdom is dangerous. It provides us the resources to do very foolish things.

It is fair to earn a paycheck today, but do not spend your energy pursuing money. Seek wisdom and enough money will likely follow.

5. “Give me neither riches nor poverty.” (30.8)

Whenever I pray for my son, I often pray these words. In working with others I have seen the destruction which money can bring to people. Both riches and poverty hold unique dangers for individuals. Riches provide opportunities which will devour the fool. Poverty can restrain a person in negative mindsets and behaviors.

I don’t want to wonder where my next meal will come from, but I also should be careful about gaining so much wealth that I foolishly believe I have no need. Both can easily lead to self-centeredness rather than compassionately considering others. (See: The Main Thing I Pray for My Children)

As someone who studies the Bible on a daily basis, I’m amazed how a book so old can still be so relevant. While sections of it can be very difficult to understand without help, the Book of Proverbs is quickly relevant for anyone who reads it with an open heart.

What is a good Proverb you would add to these five?

5 Responses to Five Proverbs to Start Your Day
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