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How to Come Back to Faith

Sometimes they grew up with it. On other occasions they had a dramatic experience as a teenager or young adult. In some situations they didn’t consider faith until they were much older.

No matter when faith entered their lives, many people go through a season in which they walk away. Rarely do they run. On most occasions, they slowly drift. Without even noticing, a close connection with God erodes until they wake up one day and realize they are far from where they want to be.

Then I hear the question: Can I come back to faith?

It’s a question often asked with hesitancy, but it is one of my favorite questions to be asked. Most who ask assume they are in a unique situation. They don’t realize that nearly every person goes through a season where they drift away from faith. Having written the story that they are unique, they wonder if they can even come back to faith. I love the question, because I know they can.

It’s no accident that the two most requested sermons from 2015 were on this topic of Back to Faith. (For the full list of most requested sermons of 2015 Click Here)

Thankfully there is a short road back to faith.

In the first sermon, the Bible shows us a loving, compassionate Father. He doesn’t guilt us or shame us, but instead welcomes us. We can come back to faith because of God’s kindness.

Back to Faith (Part 1)

The second sermon looks at the story of Peter after the greatest failing of his life. Maybe you have failed just as bad, but you and I haven’t failed worse than Peter. Having been warned, Peter still denied Jesus on three occasions right before Jesus was crucified. If Peter can be restored, so can we.

Back to Faith (Part 2)

Anytime is a great time to return to faith, but Christmastime and the New Year are common seasons in which people begin to reexamine faith. If you are in the Greater Fort Smith Region, join me Sunday in Fort Smith at 9:15 or 10:45. If you life out of the region, watch live online at Here.

If you have a question about faith, feel free to contact me be replying to the email or using the form below.

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