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Why Jenny Hates the Title of My Next Book

Jenny hates the title of my new book. She dislikes it so much we actually refer to it by its initials–FPL. On May 2, 2017, my second book will be released by Revell Publishing a division of Baker Book Publishing. The book is based off of an old article which you can read here.

The title is Friends, Partners, and Lovers: What It Takes to Make Your Marriage Work. (You can already pre-order the book on Amazon. Seriously, try it. Just click on the book title and order it.)

While the book launch is still several months away, we have created a fun Facebook Quiz to help people start thinking about their marriage and the three key aspects which should define any relationship. If you haven’t already, take the quiz. If you have, make sure to share it with your friends.

To take the quiz, click here.



Why Jenny Hates the Title

At Thanksgiving, we were at Jenny’s mom house when the topic of the book came up. Jenny’s mom asked her what the title was and I watched as Jenny ducked her head, blushed, and said, “Friends, Partners, and (some whispered sound no one quite understood).” They asked her to repeat it and she refused.

Apparently Jenny hates the word lovers. She claims that every time she says it, the only image that comes to mind is a hairy-chested Will Ferrell caressing a swimsuit-wearing Rachel Dratch in a hot tub scene on Saturday Night Live. As they called each other “Love-ahs,” Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore can’t keep a straight face.

While she was OK with me using the word for one blog post two years ago, she never dreamed that I would use it for a book title and she would have to hear the word over and over and over again.

The thesaurus suggested other words: sweethearts, admirers, valentines, and beloveds. The funniest substitution would have been Friends, Partners, and Paramours.

But in the end, we (me and my editors) stuck with lovers much to the chagrin of my wife.

What Comes Next

In the coming months, I’ll be introducing several ways you can help with the book launch. We will have some fun giveaways and there will be a good amount of bonus material if you pre-order the book. Look for all of that in the spring.

Between now and then, if you are interested in having me come to your hometown and do a marriage night or marriage retreat, let me know. The month of May is mostly booked, but we have openings in March and April.

If you are interested, let me know via this contact form:

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