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Only Jesus Can Make Friday Good

It’s Good Friday. Not sad Friday or Forgettable Friday. It’s not Ashamed Friday or “I can’t believe we did that” Friday. We call it Good Friday.

Everything you need to know about the Christian story is summarized in the name of this day.

What other faith, religion, or worldview would commemorate the murder of its leader by calling that day good?

Only Jesus could make Friday good. (See: You Can’t Prove Jesus)

The message of Good Friday is that God can take even our darkest days and use them for good–our good, their good, and for His good.

We live in a world of undeniable sorrow. Some would say it is the result of human folly. Others would say it is the byproduct of human religion. Most would say it is just a sad tragedy of a pointless world. No matter the cause of suffering, everyone would say there is nothing good in it and there is nothing good which can come from it.

But Christianity offers a different understanding. Good Friday announces that human suffering results from a combination of being fallen people in a fallen world. We suffer in part because of our poor decisions, in part because of the poor decisions of others, and in part just because this world is broken.

Despite the suffering, the amazing news of Christianity is that God can use the worst of human circumstances and create good from it. He can redeem every tear. He can bring purpose to every sorrow. He can use the deepest of human suffering to accomplish the greatest good for humanity.

The crucifixion of Jesus is the darkest day of human existence. We killed the one who walked on water, showed us how to love, and announced God’s kingdom was available to the worst of sinners.

Humanity’s response to love was hate. Yet God used humanity’s hate for good.

And what he did then, he can do again. (See: Jesus, Leadership, and the Courage to Serve)

While every other religion and worldview believes suffering is a horrible waste, Christianity says it can be a great good.

God can use:

  • a cancer diagnosis to awaken your soul
  • grief to point you to the futility of fame
  • heartache to reveal your true need
  • death to make you appreciate life
  • suffering on earth to make you value heaven

While sorrow should never be sought out or created, a Christian can embrace it because we know God would never waste it. What others intend for evil, God can use for good. (See: God Controls Our Darkest Days)

That is what he did with Friday.

God took the worst of humanity and used it for our good.

What was meant to put an end to the message of Jesus actually served to propel it. Without his death (and resurrection), Jesus would have been a long ago, forgotten moral leader. Yet because of his death, burial, and resurrection he proved to be far more than simply a good man or thoughtful teacher. He was proven to be who he claimed to be.

Good Friday was no accident. It was part of God’s cosmic plan and within that plan we can discover a pattern of God. He often uses bad circumstances as the canvas upon which he paints beautiful art.

This truth should not cause us to love suffering. It in no way diminishes the pain or sorrow of this world. But it does give us tremendous hope. It means no situation is lost. No sorrow is wasted. And no tear is futile.

God can use any suffering to accomplish good.

This is an act we cannot replicate on our own.

Only God can make Friday good.


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