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O Canada, Buy Friends, Partners & Lovers

For the past two weeks, a good amount of my time promoting my book has been spent in Canada. Last week, I made a quick trip to Toronto to tape an interview with 100 Huntley. That interview will air some time this fall. In a few weeks, I’ll be guest posting with one of my favorite marriage bloggers from Canada, Shelia Gregorie. But today, I’m happy to share a video podcast with Melinda Estrabrooks. We Skyped the interview a few weeks ago and it was a good deal of fun.

A few thoughts before you watch the interview:

1. I clearly need to organize the books on my bookshelf and do better product placement for You Turn and Friends, Partners & Lovers.

2. Apparently, we need to upgrade our wifi at church just a bit so it won’t cut out.

3. I love podcasts and radio interviews, anyone need a guest host on occasion?

4. Are there really people who have bought the book yet? Ha. Over the weekend, I had another friend who didn’t know I had published another book. Come on people, just hurry up and buy the book.

Here’s the interview. If you don’t mind, comment on the show’s page to show your support.

4 Responses to O Canada, Buy Friends, Partners & Lovers

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