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One Thing Every Parent Must Understand

“In the beginning God…”

The foundation of parenthood is found in these words.

The source of my authority as a parent is not found in my strength, ability, or know-how.

It’s sourced in God’s creative order and his choice to place me where I am.

The only reason I have authority over my children is because God has given me that authority.

I can only use my God-given authority in alignment with what He determines is appropriate.

Before I am a parent, I am a child of God. My primary role in life is to submit to God.

As I submit, I understand my responsibility to parent my children.

Many parents misunderstand the role of parenthood because they build it on a different foundation—”in the beginning me.” When God is removed as the foundation, He is replaced by me.

Everything becomes about me and for me.

The two foundations result in radically different perspectives on parenting.

If the source of parenthood is God:

  • My first responsibility is submission.
  • My attitude is humility.
  • My purpose is the good of the child.
  • My ideal result of parenthood is a loving friendship with a grown child who also submits to God.

If the source of parenthood is me:

  • My first responsibility is power.
  • My attitude is pride.
  • My purpose is the good of me.
  • The obvious result of parenthood will be a war between me and my growing child as we each assert our wills at the expense of others.

Submission vs. Power

Humility vs. Pride

The good of my child vs. the good of me

Friendship vs. War

These are the choices of parenthood. If we build on the foundation of me, we will have a completely different set of outcomes than if we build on the foundation of God.

Review your parenting. Upon what have you built the foundation of your authority? On God or on you?

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