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Be Human Podcast

The first season of Kevin A. Thompson The Podcast follows our Be Human teaching series from Community Bible. In this series of episodes, I’m joined by guests to discuss further applications of what it means to be human, rested, connected, and engaged.

Listen to the first two episodes now:

Be Human Episode 1: 


Be Human Episode 2


Guest: John Skelly, counselor at Fresh Roots Counseling

Episodes 1 and 2 are the companion podcasts to sermon 1 of the Be Human series. Watch that sermon HERE.

In episode 1, John and I discuss the common struggle of many people in our society. We are exhausted, isolated, and distracted. John tells us how he sees this played out in a variety of situations his clients face and we discuss ways to avoid these common plights.

In episode 2, John and I continue our discussion about living in denial of our true nature. Instead of being human, we attempt to be God or an animal or a machine. Each of these options expresses themselves in different ways, but they have the same impact on us and others. By refusing to be human, we end up exhausted, isolated, and alone.


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