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Why You Don’t Submit to God

Previously I wrote about Improv, Denial, and the Will of God. I said that life is just like improv in which one of the main rules is the Rule of Acceptance. When we fail to accept what is happening in our lives, all the action stops. Yet when we accept the reality of our lives, even when we don’t like it, we can build on that reality and create a better life.

This raises the question: what causes us to break the Rule of Acceptance?

Improvisational comedy works best when the comedians are partners. The longer a comedic pair has known each other and worked together, the better the tandem is at creating funny scenarios off the tops of their heads.

This is why the comedians on the famous improv show Whose Line Is It Anyway are normally the same people. An occasional new cast member might rotate among the group, but the core comedic team doesn’t change.


Because the longer a team has worked together the greater trust they have in one another. The Rule of Acceptance is built on trust. To the extent you trust one another you accept what the other brings to a scene. Even if you don’t understand what the other person is doing, you have such experience with them that you trust their actions because you know their intent is to create a scene that is funny.

In the same way, to the extent that we trust God, we can submit to the Rule of Acceptance. We live in denial because we do not trust the sovereign control of God. To the extent we distrust God, we fight against what he has allowed in our lives. We live in denial of it. We blame others, ignore our responsibilities, deny the consequences of our bad choices, and pretend as though things aren’t happening even though everyone recognizes what is happening.

What’s doubly sad is that some people do this in the name of faith. They refuse to “accept” what a doctor says or they live in denial of a diagnosis believing that their “faith” will prevent the outcome. Nowhere does the Bible define denial as faith. (See: Never Confuse Acceptance for an Absence of Faith)

Faith is a trust in God no matter what the circumstances. It is a belief that God can use all things for His glory and our good.

Consider the Apostle Paul. On several occasions in the Book of Acts he is uncertain of whether he will be set free from prison or killed. Yet at no point do we get the sense of tremendous turmoil in Paul’s life. Instead he seems to have an unwavering trust in whatever outcome comes his way because he knows God is sovereignly in control. While there might be outcomes he prefers and clearly he is free to pray for whatever he wishes, he fully trusts God to control the circumstances which he himself can’t control.

Because of Paul’s trust, he easily submits to the Rule of Acceptance. (See: A Dangerous Assumption about God’s Will)

What about you?

Do you trust that God is sovereignly in control of your life?

Do you believe that everything in your life happens at minimum with God’s permission and at maximum by God’s design?

Do you believe God has your ultimate good at heart?

Do you trust God more than you trust yourself?

To the extent you trust God, you will be able to accept whatever happens in your life. When you are able to accept what happens in your life, you can respond to those circumstances and build upon them.

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