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Thank You (and a Funny Friday Flashback)

All I can say is “thank you.” Those two words are radically inadequate. They are the same words I say when someone passes me the ketchup or moves their leg so I can pass by them in an aisle. Yet these are the only two words I have.

Thank you, Jenny, for being my wife.

Today is Jenny’s birthday. I won’t tell you the number since that is not my story to tell. I can tell you that I am 36 and she’s not much older. Having said that, I can also tell you I may not live to be her age.

Regular readers of these articles know Jenny as their best friend. For 410 posts over the past 16 months, Jenny has edited every word. She has read over 325,000 words and made them better. Without her, many of these articles would be unreadable. (And after she reads this post, she will open her laptop and correct the errors in this post.)

She has done this task five nights a week for 80 weeks with the hopes of bettering marriages, assisting parents, and encouraging faith. Everything you need to know about Jenny can be defined in her work with this website:

  • She unselfishly serves on a daily basis.
  • She expects no credit.
  • She serves people she has never met as though she is serving her best friends.

For that, I say thank you. And Happy Birthday.

In honor of Jenny, here are the top five Funny Friday posts which involve Jenny. She is the one who encouraged me to write the Funny Friday posts which I did for most of 2013 until I ran out of funny material. But these are some of my favorites:

1. The Preacher’s Wife: Being the wife of a preacher is an odd gig. Jenny does it well, but one time she made me think she might consider murdering me.

2. A Small Fire, a Can of Gasoline, and a Test of my Manhood: I nearly killed myself the month before the birth of our first child, but I felt like a man doing it.

3. On George Straight, A First Kiss, and Seminary Women: How many people are willing to write about their first kiss? You won’t believe what song was playing when that kiss occurred.

4. Bad Sax and Things Never to Tell Your Son: “Ask your father,” is rarely a good answer when your son asks “what is bad sax?”

5. On Faking Communion and a Prescription to Drink: Jenny once faked communion and I was appalled. Who fakes communion?

Enjoy the look back on Funny Friday. If you see any grammatical mistakes, let Jenny know. But if you do, also wish her a happy birthday.

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