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Top 10 Articles of 2014

Some years are forever defined in our memory, others are but a blur. 2014 is a blur for me. It seems as though the year just began and now it is over.

The most read article of the year taught me an important lesson. I write on a general schedule with Tuesday and Thursday being open days for any topic which might arise. On a Wednesday night in February I was putting Silas to sleep and I didn’t have an article ready for the next day. As he drifted off, I sketched out a quick outline, went down stairs, and wrote the article in a half hour.

Jenny edits all my articles and creates a graphic for them. It was late and I told her, “Please edit the blog, but don’t worry about a graphic because no one ever reads anything I write about faith.” It was true at the time. People read marriage articles and stories about leadership or parenting. But no article about faith ever received much attention.

I published the article and didn’t think much about it. Within a few days I had more people read this one story than number of visitors to my website the previous year.

It goes to prove—I really have no idea what people will find important or interesting.

So I keep writing. And I will keep writing in 2015. I hope to write four or five important articles next year. Of course to write four or five important articles, I’ll have to write 200 articles. Who knows which ones might hit the right chord, introduce a new idea, or be meaningful for someone.

That’s not for me to decide. My job is to write.

Thank you for reading this year. Every encouraging note, comment, share, or Retweet is like a gasp of oxygen as I struggle to stay afloat in the demands of life.

While several of my most read articles of 2014 were actually written in 2013, here are the top ten which were written in 2014:

1. A Dangerous Assumption About God’s Will

2. The Number One Cause of Divorce

3. You Hurt My Feelings

4. No Wonder You Don’t Love Each Other

5. A Christian Response to an Atheist Billboard

6. I May Not Be Married Tomorrow

7. Are You Having Enough Sex?

8. Tony Stewart Did Not Kill Anyone

9. Five Principles for my Daughter’s Teacher

10. The Greatest Threat to Your Marriage

If you ever have a topic or question you would like for me to cover, please do not hesitate to contact me in the form below. Some of the most read articles I’ve written began with a suggestion by a reader.

Happy New Year. 

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