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Who Wants to Be a Leader

If I were to offer you the following promotion, would you take it?

     It will not improve your compensation.

     It will not advance your standing or reputation among others.

     It will mean less freedom in regards to your schedule, possibly including being on call 24/7.

     It will mean increased responsibility involving issues in which you never imagined being involved.

     It will mean having to listen to, and be concerned about, every complaint communicated no matter how petty the issue or how poorly it is communicated.

     It will involve unavoidable conflict.

     It will mean never being able to complain or vent about an issue unless it is done in private and with the sole purpose of being part of the solution.

     It will demand sacrifice of personal preferences.

     If things go right, you will rarely be given credit.

     If things go wrong, you will always get the blame.

Who would take such a promotion?

Who wants to be a leader?

When we think of leadership, we often think of money, prestige, and power. Yet leadership rarely includes money and prestige, and its never about power.

Leadership is actually the opposite of power. Leaders often give the power of their lives away in order to assist the lives of others.

Leadership is about service and sacrifice. It’s about a call to a mission and a willingness to accomplish that mission at any personal cost.

It’s Monday morning, who wants to be a leader?

8 Responses to Who Wants to Be a Leader
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