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Why America Needs More Gun Control Laws That Won’t Work

Everybody believes in gun control. I’ve never heard a single person argue that we should arm our elementary age children. Everyone believes there are some people who shouldn’t have any guns and some guns who shouldn’t belong to any people.

The debate isn’t if we should have laws; the debate is what laws should we have.

We need more laws that won’t work.

Laws can never end evil. They punish the evil-doer. They assist in defining right and wrong. On occasion, they might prevent a good person from doing a bad thing. But if the goal is ending evil, laws won’t work.

Laws can help. They can cut the occurrence of crime. They can slightly change the percentages. They can protect a few potential victims.

Laws can never end evil but they can help curb evil.

Guns can never end evil but they can help curb evil.

How many potential mass shootings never materialize because of a brave citizen shooting the perpetrator? How many individuals have been saved because they had protection? Who is willing to argue the 2nd Amendment should be repealed?

Guns are necessary; laws are necessary.

But our current laws are not perfect.

Why can I sell a gun without any question, but my friend who owns a gun store must spend hours on paperwork?

Imperfect people write imperfect laws so we must always be willing to evaluate and change the laws we have written. Some laws don’t accomplish what we hope; other laws will have unintended consequences. We must always improve our laws.

As we write new laws, we must not mistake our inability. We cannot end evil. We can try to make life better, but we cannot perfect it.

Guns are more useful than some think; laws are more useful than others think.

So, we need more laws that won’t work.

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  1. James cates Reply

    Good summation of gun law…I would take it further and say the reason we cannot take this approach of pass it and if it doesn’t work change it is because of the broken and defunct political atmosphere exhibited by our current democrats and republicans.
    No trust exists between the two parties.Republicans know that any rights lost are lost forever any ground surrendered is unretrievable.Like temperary taxes ,,once inacted become too necessary to be relinquished.Therefore the pass it now and modify it as necessary approach requires some monacher of trust that doesn’t exist.Any concessions given to the second amendment are forever gone……

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