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Why Bill Maher (and all atheists) Should Hate President Obama

Thank you, President Obama.

In his second inaugural address, President Obama,  made his position clear on a highly controversial topic in today’s social debate.

Many of his friends are likely outraged. For twenty years they have worked to convince the American people that God has no place in politics. They have preached not just a separation of the organizations of church and state but a dualistic division of truth into moral thought and governing thought.

With this speech the President repudiated that division.

From his opening quotation of the Declaration—”endowed by their Creator”—to his closing remarks tying America’s moral obligation to its governing responsibility, the President showed that all authority for truth flows from the Almighty. He understands truth cannot be separated—work from home, Sunday from Monday, the White House from the church house.

Truth in one place is truth in all places. Our lives need not be divided.

It would be easy to focus on points of disagreement with President Obama’s speech and those points are significant. However, I was struck by the foundation on which the speech was built. The speech was crafted upon the idea that theology matters. Not only does it matter, it trumps personal ideology and political preference.

In this climate where God is often pushed off the page, Obama made Him front and center.

My fear is that too few people will notice.

Will Bill Maher lament?

Will Hollywood question?

Will conservative Christians cheer?

Probably not.

Maher won’t notice; Hollywood won’t care; and too many conservative Christians will find points of disagreements (to which there are many) never realizing that we have been invited to the table for discussion.

By linking his political agenda to a long-lasting moral cause, President Obama has rejected a common argument of our day. God belongs in the discussion of every issue of American life.

This is a discussion I am ready to have.

Thank you, President Obama.

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