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3 Things You Will Never Regret

We all have regrets. Anyone who claims they do not regret anything is either lying or has failed to properly reflect on their past decisions and actions.

Because we all make mistakes, we will have thoughts, actions, or attitudes which are later revealed to be wrong.

For many, the very possibility of regret can paralyze them to never make a decision or take an action.

Yet for most of us, regret does not paralyze us, but it does terrify us.

While there is no way to avoid regret in every scenario, there are some actions we can take with the assurance we will never feel regret.

Here are three things you will never regret:

1. You will never regret taking a step toward your friends and family.

A change in schedule, job, or plans will never be regretted if it takes you closer to your friends and family. One of the best choices we can make is to take a cut in pay or responsibility IF it results in us spending more quality time with our friends or family.

One of the great lies we tell ourselves is that money or power can make us happy. It can’t. Our happiness is not directly related to our income or influence. Our happiness is directly related to our relationships. To the extent that we are spending meaningful time with the people we love and truly connecting with them, our satisfaction in life increases. (See: One Thing You Must Show Your Spouse)

Rare is the scenario in which people–specifically men–are willing to take a step away from career and toward family. But those who have the courage to make such a step, rarely regret it.

2. You will never regret saying “I’m sorry.”

If you mean it, you will never regret it. It’s possible to say these words and not mean them. In those scenarios, if the words don’t get the result you desire, you might feel regret. But when these words are a true reflection of your repented heart, you will never regret them. They may not get the desired outcome, but you will know you have done your part. (See: But He Said ‘I’m Sorry’)

I regularly perform funerals in which family members weep over the lost opportunity to say, “I’m sorry.” I’ve never stood beside someone grieving at a casket and heard them say, “I wish I would have never apologized.” If you mean it, say it. If you say it, and mean it, you won’t regret it.

3. You will never regret obeying God.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard it–“I wish I knew more about the Bible” or “I wish I knew how to pray” or “I wish I could go back and have followed God sooner.” Faith is easy to ignore through many seasons of life. We can deceive ourselves into thinking it’s not important or that we can live our lives better without any spiritual consideration. But then something happens and the importance of a relationship with God is understood. (See: When You Don’t Feel Good Enough)

The commands of God can be difficult to obey–forgiving others, not finding our value in material things, serving one another, loving when it’s easier to hate, etc. But I’m yet to experience someone who regrets doing the hard things which God calls us to do. While it may not feel good in the immediate aftermath, with enough time and perspective, the ways of God always prove right.

The difficulty with obeying God is it takes time to know God and understand his commands. Too often, people push aside the process of having a relationship with God because other things seem more pressing. But when you obey, you will never regret it.

Life is full of regrets. It’s an inescapable reality. While we can’t live a life without regrets, there are certain actions we can take without fearing disappointment.

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