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Does Bernie Sanders Hate the Constitution (or Just Christians)?

Bernie Sanders either hates the 1st Amendment or is anti-Christian. I don’t know of another option. Sanders has vowed to vote against the Trump administration’s nominee for deputy White House budget director based on a religious test. Russell Vought, a Christian, has communicated traditional Christian views regarding one’s relationship with God. Believing the only way to know God is through Jesus, Vought has communicated that those who reject Jesus stand condemned before God. This includes those from other religions or those who have no religion at all.

In response, Sanders has accused Vought as being Islamaphobic and unAmerican. What Sanders has failed to realize is his own anti-American logic. Using Sanders thinking, no Christian has a right to be in public office because of the exclusive claim of Jesus. Beyond that, no person of faith would have a right to serve in office because every faith would believe aspects of other religions is wrong.

It’s another example of modern thinking regarding religion. Society says, “believe what you want, but don’t you dare bring those beliefs into the public square.” Of course, if Vought was trying to hinder the freedoms of Muslims, Sanders would have every right to speak against those actions. But Sanders has no such evidence. Instead, Vought’s unforgivable sin is for supporting Wheaton College (a religious school) for firing a professor who proclaimed ideas contrary to Christian doctrine (if you say all religions worship the same God, you should expect to lose your job from a Christian school).

Sanders is revealing the commonly held belief regarding faith. Religion is accepted as long as it is kept in private, but as soon as it is made public, the religionist is labeled as being filled with hate. (See: God Isn’t Just the Man Upstairs)

Check Yourself

Christians have every right to be livid regarding Sen. Sanders thinking. However, as we defend one of our own, we must also check our own actions. Sadly, if Sanders used this logic against a Muslim, many Christians would support him. Ironically, Sanders is doing the same thing President Trump is doing. They are using a religious test to determine involvement in American life. As Trump wants to ban Muslims from America, Sanders wants to ban Christians in America. Both are wrong.

As a Christian, I fully support a Muslim in political life. I expect them to have beliefs regarding my faith and religion. Those beliefs should not hinder them from treating me fairly under the law, but I do not believe they should stay silent regarding their deeply held convictions. Even as they apply the law to me, they have every right to promote, communicate, and actively speak their religious beliefs.

The joy of America is that people can strongly disagree theologically, yet we can find common ground through similarly held beliefs about freedom, democracy, laws, and individual liberty. This unity is not found by silencing religious differences. It’s found in the healthy debate of those differences.

Identify Your Friend

One of the fun things about America is that we fight against people on some issues and then fight alongside them on others. Even though I disagree with other religions on theological issues, I stand beside them on issues of practicing their religion in the public square. On this issue, Christians, Muslims, and every religious person must stand alongside one another and against a secular society which seeks to silence religious ideas and practices. (See: How Persecution Will Come to America)

If the Muslim community wants to build a place of worship in my community, I will stand for them in their right to build such a place.

If a Muslim pharmacist wants to refuse to dispense birth control because it’s against their religion, I will stand for their right to practice their faith.

If a Muslim citizen wants to run for political office, I will question them on policy, but will not create a religious test regarding their participation.

Bernie Sanders is wrong. And what is sad is that no one seems to notice or care. I realize it’s a crazy time in American politics. But very quietly, Sen. Sanders is promoting an ideology which will eventually deeply impact people of all faiths. If religious people don’t stand together on this issue, we won’t be allowed to stand for anything in the days to come.

Does Bernie Sanders hate the Constitution or just Christians? Truth is, I don’t think he hates either. I believe he has simply bought into a false belief that religion belongs in private and has no place in public debate. Sadly, as he seeks to protect the Constitution, he doesn’t realize he is violating it.

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3 Responses to Does Bernie Sanders Hate the Constitution (or Just Christians)?
  1. Jennifer Reply

    I support President Trump in choosing people to fill positions based on their religion- Christianity, this is the religion which serves as the basis for how we live. This is the United States of America, not Iraq. We live by rules and standards here that other cultures seemingly do not understand.
    We are one nation, under God.
    So it is my belief that our government should be made up of people who support our beliefs.
    With all of that being said, I do not agree with any religion being persecuted, but that does not mean that America has to change it’s own laws to suit another culture (12yrs allowed to marry).
    You are correct in that we live in a crazy political time. There is a war going on in America, not with violence (mostly), but a war of morals and values. What will our new normal be in 20years?
    I, for one, see that President Trump is doing exactly what his voters put him in place to do, bringing God’s place back into balance in America. We now have representation that has been lacking for far too long.

    • Kevin A. Thompson Reply

      My point is that in Trump’s travel ban, he created an unconstitutional religious test that is very similar to what Bernie did.

      • Nunya Bizness Reply

        I respectfully disagree. What the so-called “travel ban” does is to place a temporary restriction on entry from six FAILED STATES: (1) Iran, which has openly promoted terrorism against the West; (2) Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Libya, all of which are known to harbor terrorists, fund terrorism, and some of which do not have working governments, in order to allow the US to properly “vet” those wishing to enter the US; and (3) Syria, in the midst of a crisis, true, but one in which ISIS has explicitly stated that they will use the crisis to infiltrate the West. While the main-stream media continues to label this a “Muslim ban,” in truth, it is not. There are many other countries with much larger Muslim populations, and they are not on the list of travel ban countries. What we SHOULD say is that this is a temporary moratorium on entry from six FAILED STATES. Anything else misrepresents the actual executive order.

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