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Five People Who Should Read “You Turn”

You Turn launches today. Okay it actually launched last week because I hit the wrong button on Amazon–rookie mistake. It was supposed to publish on Monday, but word is out so why not let everyone else know.

My first shipment of books arrived last night so some of the people who pre-ordered will be receiving their books today. I’ll be receiving another shipment next week for everyone who ordered the book in bulk.

Where to Buy the Book

You can purchase copies of You Turn in several ways.

If you live around the Greater Fort Smith region, the book will be available at Brick City.

If you live outside the Greater Fort Smith region, purchase the book on Amazon by clicking HERE. No matter where you purchase it, I would be grateful if you could go to Amazon and leave a brief review.

Five People Who Should Read “You Turn”

You Turn is a book about today. It’s about understanding your life, controlling what you can, and moving forward. It isn’t seven steps to a better life or a cute formula claiming to explain every mystery.

This is a book about discernment. It’s about learning how to handle the complex issues of life–how to make decisions, deal with grief, navigate conflict, and appreciate friendships even when they end. While I think anyone can gain insight from the book, five groups of people will likely find more it most meaningful:

1. Young adults. “I wish I would’ve known this twenty years ago.” This has been a common refrain from people who have read the early drafts of You Turn. While late is better than never, early is better than late. As teenagers become young adults, they are faced with significant decisions and little training concerning the things that really matter in life. The best time to read You Turn is before you face the big issues.

2. Someone who feels stuck in life. It can come out of nowhere. We can be progressing through life when all of the sudden we come to a sudden halt. No matter what we do, we can’t move forward. Many times when we are stuck, it’s because of some blind spot in our life. We’ve hit a roadblock in an area and until we learn how to navigate the issue, we won’t move forward. Grief is a common experience which causes us to stall. Not recognizing its influence, we are held back and not able to move forward. Conflict and mistakes can have the same influence. Thankfully, with a little thought, attention, and understanding, we can get out of the rut and move forward.

3. Someone who feels they’re in a season of change. You Turn can help someone get out of a rut, but it can also assist those who are in a transition. Change can frighten us. When we are experiencing a new season in life, our minds are more open to learn new information. Understanding can empower us through times of change. If you are in a transition, topics like control, decision-making, and mistakes can be meaningful.

4. Parents/Grandparents who want to help their children succeed. While I think young adults are the best age group to read the book, it is best read with others, specifically someone who is older. Parents and grandparents can use the book as a spark to have conversations with their children or grandchildren. But an even better approach would be to read the book with their children. Take a few months and read a chapter a week with your child or grandchild. Talk about your experience. Share what you have learned. Open up about past mistakes. Listen to what questions might come to the surface.

5. Wisdom seekers. Even if you don’t fit the previous four sections, some people just desire common sense knowledge. They want to understand why they have made mistakes or struggled at times in their lives. If someone doesn’t desire knowledge into their own lives, this is not the book for them. But if someone is open to learn and apply, You Turn will cause something in their life to change.

Thank you for your support on this project. I look forward to hearing how the book influences your life.

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