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Getting the Job Is Part of Doing the Job

I hear it from young adults on a regular basis—”I could do the job.”

Many times they believe it and often I believe them.

But then they continue, “They just won’t give me a chance.” (See: You Always Have an Excuse)

Believing you are being held back by others is a common experience. We all think we can do things if someone would just give us the opportunity. However, whenever that belief STOPS your action instead of motivating you to MORE action, you have a problem.

Everyone needs an opportunity. None of us would be where we are unless someone gave us a break. And oftentimes, it is a chance we didn’t fully deserve.

But, there is a difference between someone taking a small risk on us and someone ignoring all semblance of common sense to give us something we do not deserve. And there is a bigger difference between us hoping others will offer us help along the way and us doing nothing until someone gives us the chance we think we deserve. (See: Never Hire Someone Who Blames the Umpire)

Here is what people often forget: getting the job is part of doing the job.

If you can’t get the job, you can’t do the job. We often believe people should give us an opportunity we do not deserve because we believe we can do the task at hand. Whether we can or can’t isn’t necessarily important. The fact is, if we can never get the job, it doesn’t matter if we can do the job or not.

Part of doing the job is getting the job. Education often means very little as to whether someone can do a specific job, but if often means everything regarding whether or not someone will be able to get a specific job. What is true of education is often true of experience and a host of other characteristics which are often requested on a job application.

Some people see those requirements as hoops which must be jumped through in order to be able to show their ability, so they jump.

Others see those requirements as arbitrary obstacles which should be ignored as someone gives them their chance. (See: What Blake Shelton Knows and You Don’t)

What the requirements of a job should be can be debated, but the reality that every job has prerequisites is not a discussion. The question is will you become bitter because of how you think life should be or will you become active in doing what needs to be done in order to accomplish your dreams?

Can’t pass medical school? You can’t be a doctor.

Can’t attract readers? You can’t make a living as an author.

Can’t get an interview? You can’t have the job you want.

Fair or not, it’s reality. While it might be fun to curse the world for how it is and dream of how it should be, it’s far more productive to figure out how things work and to do what is necessary to get what you want.

When I listen to many young adults, they have great dreams of what they want to accomplish in life. However, they are not so passionate about doing what is necessary to make those dreams come true. Until they realize that getting the job is part of doing the job, it won’t matter what skill set they may or may not have.

What do you want to do with your life? (See: Three Loves to Change Your Life)

What are some prerequisites which must be accomplished before you will get the opportunity you are hoping for?

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