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Never Ignore the Money

Pastors say it, “I just want to pastor a church and not worry about the money.”

Artists say it, “I just want to be about the art and not the money.”

Dreamers say it, “I don’t think about the money.”

Wouldn’t the world be great if we could do what we wanted to do without having to worry about the money?


  • pursuing your dream
  • feeding the hungry
  • educating children
  • helping marriages
  • creating art
  • making music

All without worrying about the money.

It sounds perfect, but it’s not reality. (See: Getting the Job is Part of Doing the Job)

We live in a world where money is necessary. And often, having to worry about the money is a helpful aspect in accomplishing what you want to achieve.

Money is a part of making our dreams come true. Often times, without the money we don’t have our dreams. So to say we have everything we need but the money is to admit we don’t have everything we need.

It’s not unusual for people to use the money issue as an excuse. They claim everything was perfect but they just couldn’t get the money. What they don’t realize is that they didn’t get the money because their idea was weak, their execution was incomplete, or they simply didn’t have the ability to inspire others to catch the vision. (See: You Always Have an Excuse)

When someone denies the money aspect, they are denying reality.

Maybe it shouldn’t be this way, but it is this way.

If any job shouldn’t have to be about the money it is the pastorate. Every pastor I know, including me, dreams of receiving a large check which would take away all money worries.

On a regular basis, we have to debate which good thing we can do and which good thing we cannot do because of money.

  • Do we send more money to foreign missionaries or to feed the homeless in our home town?
  • Who gets the last dollar—the senior adults or the seniors in High School?
  • We can’t ignore the building, but every dollar spent on the building can’t be spent somewhere else.
  • Staff often help bring in more money, but they can also be expensive. How much of the budget should go to the staff?

Churches aren’t the only ones who deal with difficult money issues. Anyone trying to do anything which assists others faces questions about money.

Sadly, we often think the money questions are a diversion from the real issues. We think of them as a necessary evil. (See: People Do Not Get Divorced Because of Money)

However, the money questions are often some of the most helpful questions we face.

Many leaders, especially leaders of non-profits, often miss the benefits which only debates about money can bring.

Money often forces us to ask the hard questions, have the real debates, and make the difficult decisions which we might avoid without money being an issue.

One of my mentors tells me the worst thing which could ever happen to our church is for one person to write a check to pay off all of our debt. While he firmly believes in being debt-free, he knows the benefit of having something to fight for and the danger which can come with apathy when one person, or a few people, can always write a check to make money problems go away.

Debating the money can be good. It shouldn’t be the only debate. And when it becomes the only debate which matters, a person or organization is probably failing at their mission. However, the issue of money is a good issue to consider. (See: 10 Questions About Money)

Money can force us to define our purpose and put together a plan to accomplish it.

It can cause us to make difficult decisions, choosing the best option of several good options.

It can keep us focused on our mission and not get distracted by other opportunities.

It can define who is really passionate about an issue compared to those who simply say the right things.

It can reveal who is committed and who is not.

Money should never determine whether or not you are chasing your dreams. However, it should be seen as an integral part of what you want to accomplish.

Money is part of it.

It’s not all of it.

It’s not the most important part of it.

It’s not the determining factor.

But it is an important factor. Without money, our dreams will not come true. Without money, our intentions might be good but they will not be reality.

Never ignore the money.

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