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“God Called Me” vs. “I Want To”

I rarely say “God called me.” On occasion I might use it about a past event where God’s hand is easily seen. I use it in reference to the clear commands of Scripture (i.e. God called me to forgive/love/pray, etc). But beyond that, when I decide to do something I usually say, “I want to…”

Here is why:

God created time and space.

God chose to act in time and space through his son Jesus.

God created humanity giving us the ability to reason, calling us to be involved in his creation, and revealing himself to us so that we might know him.

God sent his son at a specific time and place to die and rise again making a way for humanity to be reconciled back to God.

The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus are historical events revealing the wisdom of God.

Faith is the life-changing trust that Jesus was who he said he was and results in me living my life in response to him.

Faith is not separate from reason, but is partially derived from our God given ability to reason. I use the senses God has given me to gather data which my God-given mind deciphers and I act, in faith, in response to what I believe God is calling me to do. I trust his sovereign control. I am empowered by the presence of his Holy Spirit. But in the end, I must make a decision without an audible voice from God, a miraculous sign in the sky, or an epiphany from heaven.

I make the best decision possible in light of the information I’ve been given and trust God to use that decision no matter if I’m right or wrong.

Why am I a pastor of a church? Because I want to be (and because so far the people want me to be as well).

As long as my desire is in line with God’s Word, I am free to act.

Clearly, when my desire conflicts with God’s Word, it is sin for me to act (no matter how much I desire to do so).

Why do I hesitate to say “God called me?”  For two reasons:

  1. Because saying “I want to” is no less honoring to God; and
  2. Because I’m afraid if I am wrong, I (and possibly others) will have blamed God for my mistake.

On decisions of where to live, work, what to do, and anything that isn’t a direct command in Scripture, I prefer to say “I want to” rather than “God called me.”

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20 Responses to “God Called Me” vs. “I Want To”
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