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Healing: Faith, Sickness, and the Bible

God can do whatever he wishes, however he wishes, whenever he wishes.

Every summer, Community Bible Church does a series in which the congregation picks the topic by completing the question, “What does the Bible say about _______?”

Today’s topic was healing.

Here are links to the major concepts:

Before talking about what the Bible says about healing, it is important to remember: The Origin of Sickness: Fallen People in a Fallen World

Some proclaim that God has made healing available to all people and all we need is the faith to receive it, but sadly, Your Faith Does Not Heal You.

While the belief that we just need enough faith to receive healing comes from good intentions, it can have negative consequences as is seen in A Personal Story.

In case you are tempted to believe others just need enough faith to receive healing, Read This if you think your friend needs more faith to be healed.

We ended the service with a Q&A. Here are the Questions and Answers.

A Story

When I think about the topic of healing, I am reminded of my son.

When he was three he got his fingers slammed in a door. I heard the screams and rescued him. I held him in my lap and did everything in my power to ease the pain.

A few years later he got a splinter in his foot. Much to his objection, I took a needle and attempted to extract the splinter from his foot. I did this for his good. I did it to prevent future pain and to help his foot heal.

In both situations, my son was in my lap screaming from the pain. In the first situation, I tried to prevent the pain. In the second situation, I not only allowed the pain, I was somewhat to blame for it, but I knew the pain was for his own good.

In neither situation was my son able to understand what was happening. He was hurting and he wanted me to fix it.

What was true of him, is true of us.

We are in so much pain that we cannot understand the source of it. We do not know if God is rescuing us from it or if he is actually allowing it so that our hearts can be changed and future pain can be prevented.

We can’t tell the difference, but we can trust him. We can pray for what we want. Yet whatever comes our way, we can trust God because he loves us and can use all things for our good.

When questions about your healing arise:

Take hope that God is sovereign—at minimum he has given his divine permission for the pain to be present, at maximum he is actually orchestrating it for your good.

Ask him for whatever you want—he desires you to communicate your desires with him. Do so like a child pleading with his father.

Trust him whatever comes your way—whether in life or in death, in health or suffering, God desires us to have faith in him.

When talking with others about their illness:

Never place blame upon them for their sickness—even if they are sick because of their poor decision making, they don’t need more guilt.

Always speak the truth—make sure your understanding of healing and sickness align with the Bible and are not just something you have heard.

Be compassionate—truth should always be spoken in love.

Listen more than you speak.

6 Responses to Healing: Faith, Sickness, and the Bible
  1. dennyneff Reply

    In my heart and the foggy recesses of my brain, I knew this from the many hours I have spent praying over and researching what God says to me through His Scriptures, but it was still good to hear it again, articulated in such a kind and loving way. Thanks Kevin for all the work, prayers and I imagine, tears that go into preparing the teachings you present. I really believe God is using you and the others who stand before us on Sunday mornings and share your hearts with all of us, me especially. Every Sunday I now come with an expectation that my Heavenly Father is going to speak to me as I worship Him and He has yet to fail me. This is just a note to convey to you as well as all our Pastors who serve God through the calling that is so obvious to me, that you have all answered. I want to try to encourage you and I pray for all of us at Community. Thanks again.

  2. RJ Reply

    Pastor, thank you for the sermon and for the posts here. Three weeks ago my wife was diagnosesd with breast cancer so obviously this topic is especially close to home and brought to mind some thoughts.

    When my wife first discovered the lump our immediate prayer was obviously that the lump would turn out to be non-cancerous. When it was determined that it was in fact cancer our prayers changed. Over the past 3 weeks we have had a number of tests that indicate she has no other cancers in her body and that there was no cancer in the lymph symptom. And because of a terrific surgeon she had the exising tumors removed from her body. After chemotherapy any additional cancer cells should be eradicated. Despite the fact that God did not answer our first prayer they way we wanted He has answered our others prayers in a positive way. I don’t want to think that we would be more any more grateful if the lump had initially tested negative than we should be now as we get more and more pieces of good news.

    We are fond of using the word “miracle” when we talk about healing but the New Testament often referred to “signs and wonders” when describing Jesus public ministry. I can’t help but think that wonderful doctors and technologies are more “signs” of God’s love for us and his provision for healing.

    Finally, while this may not be directly related to healing, for us being surrounded by family and friends has been as therapeutic as anything else we could have received. I’ve heard my friend Jackie Flake say it many, many times. We are not designed to walk through this life alone. We are designed for community. And our little piece of community has been a great blessing.

  3. Lwf Reply

    Woodstock, 2 and ride on bro.

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