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The Origin of Sickness: Fallen People in a Fallen World

We are fallen people in a fallen world.

This explains why good and evil co-exist around us and inside of us.

God created the world and that creation was good.

When Adam and Eve rebelled, everything around us and within us became fallen.

God’s original creation remained, but it was marred. Like a shattered mirror hanging in place, we can see aspects of what was, but not the full picture.

The fallen world is not set against itself. No longer does everything fit perfectly together without friction. Instead, creation is full of turmoil and competition.

The two main illustrations of the change of creation after the fall are in child birth and work.

  • The pain and labor of child birth mimics the struggle for life in a fallen world.
  • The toil and sweat of work reveal the fallen nature of the world. No longer is food each to receive. Now we have to labor for it and even as we do, there are thorns and thistles which injure us in our pursuit.

The Identity of Humanity

In light of the fall, is humanity good or bad? When teaching small groups, I often ask this question. Any interesting pattern has emerged. Generally speaking, women say we are good and men say we are bad. Neither are completely right.

As fallen people in a fallen world:

  • We are created in the Image of God and therefore ultimately valuable.
  • We are fallen creatures marred by sin capable of terrible atrocities.

We are both good and bad.

The Nature of Nature

As we are both good and bad, nature is as well.

It still contains the beauty, power, and majesty of its original creation.

Yet it is also full of great danger, evil and ugliness because of the fall.

The Fall and Sickness

Sickness is in the world because of sin.

Yet an individual sickness cannot always be directly traced to an individual sin.

As soon as Cain killed Abel, the world was introduced to the tragedies of living in a fallen world. Abel did nothing to do deserve his death, yet because of the poor decision making of his brother, he died.

As fallen people in a fallen world:

  • Our genes are fallen, pre-disposing us to many illnesses, addictions, and diseases.
  • We can make bad decisions which lead to sickness.
  • Because of the fall, our genes are fallen, making us predisposed to illness/disease/addiction.
  • Others can make bad decisions which lead to our illness (i.e. second hand smoke, HIV, etc.).
  • Many illnesses are a combination of our own decision making, culture, genetics and the world in which we live (i.e. heart disease, diabetes, etc.).

Sin resulted in sickness. Humanity became sick. Creation became sick.

Sickness is present because of sin, but we cannot always make a specific cause and effect relationship between an individual illness and an individual sin.

7 Responses to The Origin of Sickness: Fallen People in a Fallen World
  1. Jim Smith Reply

    kevin, you got a lot of things right. A lot of things right! But…I really feel you did miss on some. Especially the part in the things that are better today. There are more children aborted today than ever before! They are being killed in the womb and killed after they exit the womb! These so called bans during certain months of pregnancy have yet to prove any less number of babies killed in or out of the womb. Also, children being molested, kidnapped, sexually abused, and killed when older IS NOT in decline! I know about the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and the present time. I am 66 yrs. old and lived during those times. Morals are not better today than at any other time. The system has found a way to sugar coat and cover up low morals and the media today helps the political world in those cover ups!
    I still believe there is hope because with faith, trust and belief in God and our Lord Jesus Christ, there will ALWAYS be hope! As a minister, you want to see the world as being better and you want to give hope to your readers but your readers have to take care of their hope themselves. They have to believe and the condition of the world is not as important as the condition of oneself. I, just like you, want the world to be better with each passing day but…………..
    Optimism is a great thing but reality is what one has to deal with. That goes for ones everyday life in everything one does. God IS reality! Following Him, being faithful to Him and living as He would have and expect us to live is always portrayed with more “optimism” than “reality”!
    I don’t mean to come across as me being a pessimist about life, because that is quite to the contrary! I am a realist, a Christian realist and a bible realist and I don’t see, in God’s word, that this world will ever become better…..only by way of individual faith, belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior will make for a better life as we go through the time God planned for us to be in “this world”!
    The ending is written and man cannot change the outcome. Man can only change man’s outcome before the REALITY of God’s word takes place!
    We ALL need to be happy and at peace with ourselves and our families and keep God in everything we do.

    Respectfully and God Bless,

    Jim Smith

    • Kevin A. Thompson Reply

      thanks for reading and commenting. I really like the give and take a blog can offer.

      I could be dead wrong. I don’t doubt that. I hope I am not, but I could be.

      Notice, I’m not saying America is better. I’m just saying it is probably better and worse.

      I would love to see a stat about the abuse issue. Everything I have read says it has decreased dramatically. Most of that decrease is the fact that we talk about it more which ironically can make it feel like it is increasing even as it is decreasing.

      As I’ve written before, the abortion issue is a serious one and something which is very important to me.

      Thanks again for reading and for the kindness in your response even as you gave a differing opinion.

      God bless,

  2. colinberry1 (@colinberry1) Reply

    Oh… I thought it was when solicitors came into being. The birth of corruption, morphed into judges.

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  4. Emily Reply

    I like the way you you described the fallen man in a fallen world. Could use this as a rap song.

  5. dot Reply

    I think God will separate the wheat from the Tares…all of us have a chance for the better life after death it’s just really up to us what we accept and what we don’t accept in this life…God loves all his children good and bad


    iam blessed mr Thompson may God help us to know the truth about our earthly life for the bible tells us that the wages of sin is death which is spiritual death then if
    you are spirituly dead sickness will have door into your life. please if you have more on this subject sickness and cure please send me to my email thank you GOD BLESS YOU.

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