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An Interview About Ella

I’ve been doing a fair amount of media over the past three years. With two new books released during that time, I’ve enjoyed speaking with people across the country about marriage. I don’t believe I’ve presented any radically new ideas on the topic, but I do think Friends, Partners & Lovers and Happily both present important ideas in a fresh way.

It’s great fun to hear the stories of how both books have impacted people, strengthening marriages or causing people to get help before their relationship came to an end. (For three podcasts from FamilyLife go HERE.)

Here’s a TV appearance from 100 Huntley Street.

A Different Podcast

But recently I did a podcast of a different type. In my memory, it’s the first podcast dedicated solely to Ella and our experience of raising a child with Down Syndrome. Paul and Tabitha Norris have a podcast, “Broken Vessels Hidden Treasures,” dedicated to the topic of how God can use disability to transform our hearts. To listen to the podcast, go HERE.

Jenny and I don’t claim to be experts in the area of disability. Part of me doesn’t even like to use the term for fear that I might be using it wrong or that it might miscommunicate my intention. Yet, we know our story and experience. We are happy to share what we do know with whomever it might help.

In the podcast, I call on the words of Jesus when discussing the issue of ability and our culture of abortion. It was a reference to THIS article.

Happy Birthday

If you are friends with Ella or have been near her at any point in the last eleven months, you know that her birthday is July 1. Fourteen is hard to fathom.

For past reflections on her birthday, see:

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