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[Video] The 7 Series: Parenting (Episode 1)

For the past few weeks, we have been working on a new project. I wanted to give you an early preview and get your thoughts.

The format is a video podcast and the topic is parenting.

Few things are as complicated as parenting. Every day I speak with parents who understand the importance of their role, but are confused about how to best carry out their duties.

What if parenting could be simplified?

Nothing can make parenting easy, but the responsibilities of parents can be narrowed down to a few simple words.

The 7 Series: Parenting will simplify the role of a parent into seven simple words. The first word is authority.

If parents can understand the foundation of their parenting responsibilities is found in the authority God has given them, it can dramatically influence their understanding of their parental role.

Watch the video, share it on Facebook and Twitter, and please leave a comment to let me know how we can assist you in becoming an effective parent.


Show Notes:

The foundation of parenting is authority. It is what distinguishes a parent from all other relationships.

Authority gives us the expectation to parent, but it is also what frustrates us the most about parenting.

Remember: no one likes authority, including your children. Don’t be surprised when your children are frustrated by you.

Authority should come from a deep compassion. We know what it is like to dislike having an authority over us.

Before we are over our children, we are under God’s authority.

We should submit to God in the way we want our children to submit to us.

Modeling is the best tool of parenting when it comes to the issue of authority.

Our children are watching every interaction with we have authority (police, bosses, etc.).

What parents don’t like to admit is that we have often taught our children to reject our authority.

Two ways to miss authority: being too demanding or rejecting our authorative role by trying to be our child’s best friend.

Your child needs a best friend and it doesn’t need to be you. They need you to be a parent.

“Because we both have to submit to God, you need to do what I say even as I am trying to do what God says.”

Our children are not wise enough to see the big picture; we better be.

Our children will submit to someone so we should embrace our authorative role in their lives.

Authority does not mean, “you do what I say.” It means, I will use my strength in your best interests.

The ultimate goal of our authority is not cold obedience, but willful submission to God.


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8 Responses to [Video] The 7 Series: Parenting (Episode 1)
  1. Paul Reply

    Hi Kevin,

    I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks, signed up for your mailing list and devoured lots of your earlier articles – your honesty and wisdom are a blessing – it mustn’t be easy to give so much of yourself away – thanks! (In fact, I’m more than just following – I’m promoting your articles in my app and its facebook page/twitter, etc. – it’s a relationship app for couples called togethr)

    This is a great idea to help us as parents, but you’re really strong on relationships, sex, marriage etc from a Christian/positive/pastoral point of view – please tell me there’s going to be a “The 7 Series: Relationships” or something similar soon too?!



    • Kevin A. Thompson Reply

      Paul, Thank you for your kind words and support. If I can ever be of any assistance to you, please let me know. This is just the first of the topics which are on the way. Parenting is the trial run where we can learn what we need to learn. I am working on a 7 Series for marriage, leadership, and life as well as a few other topics. Stay tuned.

  2. Paul Reply

    Awesome – I’m looking forward to those too, thanks! 🙂

    One request I’d make on the marriage one is to make it approachable for people who aren’t married but are living as though they are. A lot of that wisdom would apply for them too. It can be tricky I know, but I’m really trying to include this group as much as possible in what we’re doing.

  3. Paul Reply

    > Parenting is the trial run where we can learn what we need to learn.

    I know you didn’t mean it like this, but I feel like this is true as a general statement too – just being a dad is a big lesson in life!

  4. Rock Rodebush Reply

    Great topic. We as parents do a great disservice to our children if we do not understand our job description as parents and comment to being the parent. Kids (as well as us) need authority and boundaries in our lives. There is a comfort and peace that comes with that. The earlier our children learn about authority and boundaries and the consequences of crossing those boundaries, the easier it is on them.

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