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This Is the Most Personal Book I’ve Written

My next book, Fearless Families, is set to release March 1st and is available now for pre-order (keep reading for two free gifts for those who pre-order). While every book feels personal, this one hits far closer to home for me. Of course, Jenny might disagree since in the previous two books I’ve written about marriage, specifically intimacy in marriage. Those books might have felt more personal to her, but this one feels more personal to me.

For the past several years, we have been dealing behind the scenes with the anxiety of one of our children. During that process, we have learned some things. While it is tempting to keep this situation hidden behind the curtain, we believe the issue is too prevalent to stay quiet. Just today I read about anxiety among students in Texas schools. Yesterday, I heard a school administrator in a northern state pleading for lawmakers to pay attention to the levels of anxiety among her students. Nearly every day I’m involved in a conversation with someone struggling with the negative consequences of anxiety.

The issue is everywhere.

While COVID has made anxiety a universal problem, it is not something that suddenly appeared in my life in 2020. Instead, from my earliest memories, I can remember elements of anxiety. And now, one of my children has inherited the genetic predisposition as well.

With his permission, Fearless Families tells a small part of his story. One day, he can tell the fuller story, because it is his to tell.

A Book for Everyone

While my previous books about marriage were meant for a specific audience–those who were married or wanted to be married–this next book is meant for everyone. There is no one exempt from the impact of anxiety, especially in 2021.

Some may hear the word family and wrongly conclude this is a parenting book. It is not. Instead, this is a book geared toward anyone who desires to break free from the common hindrances of modern life–materialism, the power of appearances, and an unhealthy attraction toward power.

Imagine a home, marriage, family, workplace, team, or church characterized by trust, heart, and connection with one another. This is the aim of the book. For more, see this video. For the gifts, keep reading.

Two Gifts

For those who order Fearless Families, I have created two gifts just for you. One is a simple prayer guide to help you see how the principles of the book are founded on Scripture. I’ll teach you a simple prayer which you or your family can memorize at dinner time in order to ground the truths of the book into your heart.

The second gift is something I’m very excited about. A common cause of tension in families are unstated values. Good people who see the world a little differently never understand the tension between them is that they care about things in a different order of priority than the other. How many families never take the time to consider what truly matters to them the most? With these values unstated, we are left to assume everyone sees the world the way we do.

In this 17-page document, I walk you step-by-step through the process of writing your own family values. Imagine being able to tell your children exactly what matters to you. Consider the possibility of welcoming a new son-in-law or daughter-in-law into your family by saying here are the five things that we do.  This is what the Family Values Scripter will do for you and it’s absolutely free if you pre-order Fearless Families.

Thank You

As the book is about to launch, all I can say is “Thank you” to so many who have supported me and encouraged me to write. I have a job. Writing isn’t about money. Instead, it is about the message which I believe can truly help others. I’m grateful to my son for being willing to share this story. And I’m hopeful this book has a meaningful impact on you and others.

Thank you for ordering and don’t forget to get your free gifts HERE.

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