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Top 10 Communication Posts your Co-workers should Read

The importance of communication in marriage is often discussed, but the importance of communication at work is far too often ignored.

Few topics influence a worker’s production or satisfaction as much communication. To the extent a worker feels heard and understands their superiors and peers, they feel workplace satisfaction.

Yet when communication goes, workplace production and satisfaction are soon to follow.

Here are 10 communication posts which can transform workplace communication: 

1. It’s not my job to read your mind. It is written for marriage but it equally applies at work. I must listen, but you must communicate what you are thinking, feeling, and believing.

2. A comprehensive guide to dealing with offensive people. Some people are highly skilled at being offensive, yet we should make them work hard to offend us. By refusing to be easily offended, we will save ourselves a lot of heartache.

3. How to respond to mean people. Workplaces can be filled with childish behavior, this simple concept of how to respond to mean people can keep the tension from escalating.

4. Never share truth from the perspective of a pharmacist. How we communicate truth is just as important as the truth we communicate. This simple illustration can transform the way you give your opinion.

5. Criticism: How to speak so others listen. Criticism is vital to any team, yet unless we critique one another in the right way, our concerns will never be heard.

6. Criticism: How to listen when others speak. Just as we must give criticism to be effective at work, we must also receive it. Few people are good at giving criticism so we must become good at receiving it.

7. Don’t seek conflict, but do embrace it. Conflict is necessary, but it isn’t something we should seek. However, when it finds us, we should embrace it. Without conflict, we will never improve.

8. Use hard words not harsh words. Word choice is vital when it comes to communication. A simple choice of hard words rather than harsh words can dramatically change a conversation.

9. No words are perfect. No matter what words we use, none of them are perfect. Communication is an imperfect sport. We will all make mistakes and grace needs to be given and received anytime we speak or listen.

10. When others offend you. Most offense isn’t intended but is simply a miscommunication. Consider these things before being offended.

Communication is a vital aspect of any human endeavor. The more we seek to understand how to best communicate, the more likely we are to build meaningful homes, workplaces, marriages, and lives.

What is the most important communication lesson you have learned which can be applied to work?


8 Responses to Top 10 Communication Posts your Co-workers should Read
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