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Be the First to Own My New Book, You Turn

We are a week away from my first book, You Turn, being available on Amazon. Before it’s available for everyone, I want to make a special offer to my hometown. If you live in the Greater Fort Smith Region I’ll offer the book on discount if you will buy in bulk.

On Amazon, the book will be $15.99. For those that order by Wednesday, November 18 and purchase in bulk, I’ll offer the following discounts:

  • 5 books signed for $75
  • 10 books signed for $140
  • 20 books signed for $260

Simply fill out the contact form (or reply to the email). When the books come in, I’ll contact you and make arrangements for you to pick up your books. If you have any questions, the form has a comment section.

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Two Books

Over the past year I didn’t write one book, I wrote two. I’ve written a book on marriage which we are currently shopping to publishers (Notice “I” write, but “we” publish. The we being me, Jenny, and several other friends who have helped us with this process). While we go through the traditional publishing process, we are self-publishing You Turn.

You Turn is a compilation of some of my most read articles on the topics of life, relationships, work, grief, time, and conflict. These are the articles I find myself returning to time and time again. As a pastor, I notice people often stumble over the same issues. You Turn tackles those issues. It’s not a book of answers as much as a book which provokes good questions and a healthy discussion on the important topics of life.

Proof I Need an Editor

One problem with always wanting to write a book is you tend to make a lot of promises you can’t keep. Promises like: “Whenever I write my first book, I’ll dedicate it to you.” I’m not sure how many times I’ve said that, but I know of at least two occasions.

In both junior high and high school, I promised my journalism teachers I would dedicate my first book to them. These are two promises I have been able to keep. Along with my wife and mom, You Turn is dedicated to Mrs. Kaundart and Mrs. Colyer, the two women who taught me to love writing.

The book has been edited so much it’s hard to imagine there could be any more errors, but common sense tells us that corrections are still needed. Jenny and I have seen the book so much we can no longer recognize the mistakes, so we needed someone who hadn’t seen it to proof the book. My thought–I’ll order a proof of the book and take it to Mrs. Colyer. I can tell her the book is dedicated to her and then ask her to scan through to make sure I haven’t made any obvious mistakes–misspelled titles, wrong page numbers, etc.

Last Friday I uploaded the book, ordered a hard copy and went to bed. Before I could drift off to sleep, the thought suddenly hit me–my close friend Michael Collyar used to always whine because no one knew how to spell his name. But his name is the only Collyar I’m used to seeing. I jumped out of bed, ran into my office, and sure enough, one of the four people I dedicated my first book to had their name misspelled. The book, which I can’t imagine having any more mistakes, had one, not on page 3, but on page iii. I had misspelled the name of the person I wanted to proof the book.

Thank You

There is a lengthy list of people to whom I’m grateful for their support and encouragement over the past few years of writing. Few things are more encouraging than getting an email, meeting people at lunch, or reading a comment where someone mentions how a small idea or major concept was important to them.

My hope is that this book is one that people not only read, but find themselves coming back to when certain issues arise. I also hope the book will be shared with others because they believe there are meaningful ideas within its pages.

Thank you for reading, commenting, disagreeing, laughing, and helping shape these words. I’m grateful for the opportunity many have given me to speak into their lives on a regular basis.


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