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The 28-Day Marriage Challenge

(The Marriage Challenge is back for 2020 with all-new material.)

I’ve never flossed and then later thought to myself, “I wished I hadn’t done that.” I’ve never worked out and then regretted it. I’ve never read a book and then thought it was a waste of time.

Anytime we take an intentional effort to improve an aspect of our lives, we don’t regret it. We might regret that we didn’t start sooner or continue down the disciplined path, but we never grieve having taken the good action.

I assure you that if you and your significant other will join me in the month of February for the 28-Day Marriage Challenge, you will not regret it. (See: If Your Dog or Husband, Runs Don’t Chase Him)

During the month of February, I’m asking couples to give me less than two minutes a day. Preferably some of the first two minutes of their day. Starting February 1, Jenny and I are starting the 28-Day Marriage Challenge. We are asking couples to take two minutes every day to read a very simple email.

The email will include:

  • one quote
  • a 150-word encouragement either written or video
  • an action step
  • two links for deeper reading if you are interested

That’s it. Nothing fancy. Nothing earth-shattering. Just one good idea to get you thinking about your marriage and ways to strengthen your relationship for that day.

For some, this process seems far too simple to make any difference, but those are the people who have never followed through in an activity like this. Others, who have been there, know the power of discipline and how a very small action can create a very big change if someone will just stick to it.

How to Join

So how do you join? This challenge is only available via email so sign-up here:

Join the 28-Day Marriage Challenge

* indicates required

Begin With This Prayer

I often say “in all beginnings, God.” It’s a reminder to me that we should invite God into every endeavor. If you sign up for the 28-Day Marriage Challenge, begin praying this simple prayer: “Lord, give me the desire to love my spouse better.”

This prayer doesn’t imply you don’t already love your spouse, but who couldn’t benefit from loving their spouse more? Repeat this prayer every day between now and February 1st. (See: 5 Signs She Doesn’t Love You)

Invite Others to Join You

Several years ago I started working out. I had started many times before, but always quit. What changed this time? I had a partner. For three years we have worked out together. If it were not for my partner, I would have quit.

Hopefully, you and your spouse will do this challenge together. That will give you a built-in partner to keep you engaged. But don’t stop there. Invite others to join you and your spouse for this month. Encourage your friends, family, small group members, or Sunday School class to sign up.

Simply share this post, tell people you are in, and invite them to join the challenge with you.


37 Responses to The 28-Day Marriage Challenge
  1. rob Reply

    my comment: i’m not convinced there is a god

    • Kevin A. Thompson Reply

      Then ask him every morning to reveal Himself to you.

    • karen Reply

      Rob if you will put out an honest effort to seek Him…He will speak to your heart! Thank Him for everything..the beautiful sunrise, that you have a roof over your head, the sweet exchange that you witnessed at the store…everything. Tell Him that you’re sorry if you do something that bothers you. Talk to Him like a friend in all things. You will begin a relationship that will touch your heart and soul! You will know without a doubt! If you will do these simple things then I am very excited to see where He leads you 🙂 Start right now? I hope that you will!

  2. Lynelle Rosebud Reply

    Looking foward to a better marriage

  3. LACY J HOBBS Reply

    Looking forward to starting this!

  4. Ron assise Reply

    I feel SO Blessed to be included, THANK U!

  5. Kathryn Reply

    I filled in the blanks, hit SUBMIT, but nothing happened. Did it go through?

  6. Eddie Schroeter Reply

    Please add me,eddie to mailing list for course as well. Thanks

  7. Brian Barungi Reply

    Thanks for this.
    Caught this on a WhatsApp marrieds group. Had to check it out.
    Looking forward to it

  8. Kaposh Reply

    Thank you. I can’t wait to get started. Am all for flourishing marriages. Let’s do this.

  9. Eddah Reply

    I would like to join the group and be part of the 28 days marriage challenge

  10. Sandra Mmebe Reply

    So looking forward to a better 2019 and refreshed marriage.
    Not sure if it came though, I clicked subscribe, for me and my husband.

  11. Ashlee Reply

    Looking forward to the positive helpfulness of this

  12. Scott Kedersha Reply

    Love this idea – WTG, Kevin! Excited about it.

  13. Keith Reply

    Looking forward to the opportunity and shared with some friends. Thanks KT for your willingness to guide.

  14. Norman Bowder Reply

    One can never invest enough in a marriage
    Looking forward to the challenge

  15. Roger Reply

    God is real. Just believe.
    How else can a human being be created, but by some supreme being.

  16. David Randa Reply

    I am so much excited. Looking forward for this challenge.

  17. Harry Reply

    Excited about this challenge! So glad my wife agreed to do this also!

  18. Jules Tumusiime Reply

    Looking forward to this challenge

  19. Tricia Reply

    I signed up for this challenge but did not receive anything today. Did you receive my information?

  20. Tricia Reply

    I signed up for this challenge but I did not receive an email on February 1st.

  21. Elle Reply

    interesting. My significant other’s response to my request to join the challenge was quickly, “Why, do you think our marriage needs improving?”

    Long story short, in the end, he said yes.
    Here it goes!

  22. Tricia Reply

    Is it possible for you to send me the information from February 1st? I received the one for February 2nd and 3rd but would like to read the one from the 1st.
    Thank you for this challenge. I really appreciate your insight on things.

  23. Gregory Kuhn Reply

    I like your encouragement to pray, “in all beginnings, God.” I am going to use that in my personal life. I like to say…”Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, God.”

  24. Mary Reply

    I just found this website. Guess I missed the challenge. Any way I can get the 28 days, one day at a time to my inbox?

    • Kevin A. Thompson Reply

      You can still sign up now to get the second half. After February ends, we will switch the emails to where they are accessible.

  25. Sonya Reply

    Just found out about your site thru The Forgiven Wife. Any way to access these 28 challenges after the fact?

  26. Robyn Reply

    This is an answer to prayer. I’ve been praying for the Lord to help me love my spouse better and this came across my path. Can’t wait!!

  27. Lois Graff Reply

    I was unable to receive day 1- day 24. Would you be able 5o email them to me? Thank you;

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