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Get My Marriage Video Series Free

Most people think “love.” When asked what the starting point is for a healthy marriage, they assume the answer is love. And love is clearly important. Yet I don’t think it’s the starting point. While it’s vital, I believe a healthy marriage begins with truth. Without truth, love has no meaning. It feels real, but it isn’t. Truth is a prerequisite to true love. Until a man and woman recognize, admit, and live in truth about who they are, love is not possible.

This idea serves as the basis for Session 1 of Foundations of a Healthy Marriage, my new video series which releases today. For the past few months, the series has been beta tested by a couple of small groups consisting of seriously dating, engaged, or newlywed couples. Through seven 15-minute video teachings, I discuss the basic elements of a good relationship.

Session 1 covers truth. We have to find truth before we can really experience love.

Session 2 looks at what a marriage can and cannot give a person. If you expect a marriage to give you something which no marriage can give you, it guarantees failure.

Session 3 talks about the different seasons of marriage. You must recognize your present season in order to know the right action.

Session 4 reminds us that we do not naturally know what love is. Too often we think love is a feeling which controls us rather than an action we choose.

Session 5 describes three levels of commitment. Only those who make it to the third level have a chance at a meaningful marriage.

Session 6 is about respect. Where respect is absent, a relationship dies.

Session 7 encourages intention. Relationships don’t drift toward health; it takes an intentional action.

The video series was designed to be studied with a small group. It comes with a study guide and discussion questions. But it can easily be used individually or between couples. I feel confident that anyone who takes the time to watch the videos and honestly consider the issues will greatly benefit from the material.

I believe in this information so much, I’m giving it away. For the next month, I’ll give this series to anyone who pre-orders my upcoming book Friends, Partners, and Lovers (FPL). Just go to this page, order the book (on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or CBD), then click the “Get Bonus Pack” button to claim your bonus materials. You’ll be able to start watching the series immediately.

The temptation is to watch a little of a series like this and think it’s simple enough that you know the information. Don’t do it that way. Put in the effort. Take the time to watch the video, consider the questions, and think through the issues. Get a group of men or women together and discuss your roles as a spouse. Gather a few couples to hear the perspectives from differing sexes. If you will slow down, the process can greatly enhance your relationship.

It’s always easier in the short-term to ignore marriage enrichment and to focus on something that is more pressing in the moment. But it’s foolish to do so. Wise couples regularly find opportunities to remember foundational truths about marriage, reflect on what is good and bad within their relationship, and recommit to improve. This video series is a good opportunity to do all three.

Bonus Material: The video series is only available for the next month, but that’s not all you get. If you pre-order Friends, Partners, and Lovers, not only will you receive the 7-part video series Foundations of a Healthy Marriage with it’s study guide, you will also receive:

  • The opening two chapters of FPL so you can start reading now.
  • Three date night cheat sheets which will enhance your friendship, partnership, and intimacy.
  • A recommended FPL weekend getaway. Few things can jump start a relationship like a weekend getaway. Follow this guide and reconnect with one another.

These are only available until the end of April. Click Here to order the book and get the free video series plus bonus materials.


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