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Little By Little

I never understood why people would want to blog.  It seemed like too much work.  Yet over the past few months I’ve wanted a place where I could point people to interact with ideas.  Facebook isn’t a useful place for discussion.  It is often hard to be thoughtful in 140 characters or less on Twitter.  So I have given in to the idea I said I would never do.  I’ve decided to blog.

My wife is nervous.  If I’m grammatically incorrect on Twitter, how bad will it be on a blog?

I’m nervous.  What if I never write a second post?

My friends are nervous.  They are thinking, “Seriously, another outlet where we will be obligated to listen to you?”

Yet here we go.

Proverbs 13.11 says, “Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.”  Its a verse about money, but I think the principle is true in all things.  If we can consistently change our lives “little by little” it can make a big difference.

This blog will be the place in which I share what I’m learning and I interact with others who want to learn as well.  Don’t expect great insights.  I won’t expect a great response.  But “little by little” we can learn together.

5 Responses to Little By Little
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