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Success Is More Than One Shining Moment

We love the moment. The victory is won, the trophy is presented, and as the credits roll, One Shining Moment plays.

I can’t imagine what it must feel like to stand on the platform and realize your dreams have come true. It’s something many long for, but few experience.

Yet as the players and coaches reflect on their championships, thousands of viewers at home are often deceived about the nature of success. (See: I Love People Who Have This…)

Success is often crowned in the spotlight, but it’s never achieved there.

While we long to hold the trophy, get the winner’s check, or take the title, we deceive ourselves when we think success is found when everyone is watching.

We should know better.

Success is accomplished outside the spotlight. (See: Every Successful Person I Know Does This)

It’s in the hot gym months removed from the season.

It’s in the weight room where a ball isn’t even present.

It’s in the film room studying yourself or your opponent.

What’s funny is that success is won in the moments for which few desire. While everyone wants to be in the spotlight, few want to be on the practice court. Yet to the extent you are willing to work when no one is watching, you will have a chance to succeed when everyone is watching.

That isn’t just true in sports, it’s true in life.

Chances are you want to be successful in something. You want to be a great leader, a successful husband/wife, and a successful parent. Yet success is not determined when everyone is watching, it is determined by what you do when no one is aware.

A marriage thrives from small sacrifices and unnoticed choices of faithfulness

Good parenting occurs when we make small choices to put our children before our careers.

Strong leadership is often defined when no one is in the office.

Few things deceive like the spotlight. We can be lured to it like a mosquito on a dark night. The adulation of a crowd can make a champion appear like an overnight success. We can long for their rewards, but what we need to emulate is their work-ethic.

In 2007 Lebron James lost in his first appearance in the NBA Finals. The next morning the head coach went to the office to pick up some things for the off-season. Assuming no one would be in the building, he was shocked to see Lebron completing a workout less than 12 hours after a long and disappointing season came to an end. (See: 14 Examples of Lebron James’ Incredible Work Ethic)

It’s easy to see Lebron’s success and to assume because of his height and strength that he has been given an amazing ability. While he has natural ability, it’s his work ethic which makes the difference between wins and losses.

It’s true of Lebron and it’s true of us.

We all claim we want to be successful, but what will you do today to take a step toward success?

What will you do which no one else will ever see or know about?

What advice will you seek?

Whose coaching will you adhere to?

What work will you do? (See: The Number One Cause for Divorce)

A champion is being crowned tonight. As the nets are cut down and the trophy is presented, One Shining Moment will play. Yet as you hear the song, do not be deceived into thinking success happens in a moment. It doesn’t. Success is most often determined, not in the spotlight, but in the countless hours spent when no one is watching.

Do you want to be a success? In marriage? In parenting? In life? Don’t covet the spotlight. Instead, desire the work-ethic which champions display. Emulate how they practice and you will experience success.

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