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Remember This When You Experience Success

You did it. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Every success should be celebrated. No matter how long it took. No matter when it should have been done or when others accomplished it. Anytime an achievement has been realized, it should be celebrated.

And you did it. (See: Success Is More Than One Shinning Moment)

It was your choices, time, work, and dedication which made it happen. You did it and you should celebrate and be celebrated because of it.

Every achievement happens in spite of road blocks. There is always opposition. The resistance is always felt.

If success has been experienced, you have overcome something. You endured when others didn’t. You stayed the course when others strayed. You kept fighting when others gave up.

You did it and you should feel a sense of personal satisfaction because of it. (See: Every Successful Person I Know Does This)

It’s a moment you can always remember.

The next time times are tough….

In the future whenever you face doubts…

When the next challenge comes…

This success can give you the confidence and encouragement to experience success again.

You did this, yet you didn’t do it alone.

Anything worth achieving in life demands support. (See: You Don’t Have to do it on Your Own)

Somebody or some groups of somebodies assisted you. They encouraged you when times were tough. They told the truth when you were lying to yourself. They carried some of the burden when your load was too much.

Nobody gets anywhere important on their own. We all need help.

We need family, friends, co-workers, and communities to help us succeed. (See: Never Try to Prove Yourself)

Success is often an individual achievement which only occurs with communal support.

If you have succeed, others have helped.

Their help should give you a sense of indebtedness to assist others.

You couldn’t have made it without them and they can’t make it without you.

They have sacrificed to help you and now that you have experienced success, it’s time for you to sacrifice to help them.

But there are also others who need you. There are people who don’t even know you which you can help. Little do they know that their dreams are somewhat dependent on you.

The depend on your:

  • example
  • prayers
  • encouragement
  • financial assistance
  • knowledge

Because you needed others, you now know that others need you. A person who experiences success but doesn’t not feel a sense of indebtedness because of that success is deceived. They are deceived into believing they have done something all on their own. It’s a deception which will alienate those who supported them and will likely prevent them from experiencing future success.

But you know better. You know others helped you and you desire to help others. (See: Learn to Communicate Like Facebook)

Every success should be celebrated. It should cause us to feel both a deep personal satisfaction while also being grateful for how others have helped us.

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