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September’s Top Posts

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September’s Top Posts

Here are the top 5 posts from the past month:

1. If I Could Tell Wives One Thing I wrote the top two posts of the month at the same time and then intentionally posted the one about wives first. I assumed it would be build an audience for the post about husbands. I was wrong. I still don’t know why this post was viewed so many more times than the one about husbands. In the comment section answer this question: Why did almost double the amount of people read the post about wives than the post about husbands?

2. If I Could Tell Husbands One Thing While both of the top two posts are important, I personally know more women following recommendations from the first post than I do men following recommendations from the second.

3. Drama Addicts This was my favorite post of the month.

4. What 9/11 Reminds Us About Marriage Gratitude is one of my favorite topics and 9/11 was a perfect time to feel grateful.

5. 4 Cornerstone Habits of Healthy Families I plan on expanding this post in the future and make it into a series of posts. All four of these habits are important.


Two posts were in the Top 5 most read posts from this past month even though they were written previously:

Pastoral Advice for Single Women The idea for this article was born from a decade of grieving beside single women.

I Wouldn’t Sleep With You Either This post has become the second most read post of all time.

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