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September’s Top Posts

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September’s Top Posts

Here are the top 5 posts from the past month:

1. If I Could Tell Wives One Thing I wrote the top two posts of the month at the same time and then intentionally posted the one about wives first. I assumed it would be build an audience for the post about husbands. I was wrong. I still don’t know why this post was viewed so many more times than the one about husbands. In the comment section answer this question: Why did almost double the amount of people read the post about wives than the post about husbands?

2. If I Could Tell Husbands One Thing While both of the top two posts are important, I personally know more women following recommendations from the first post than I do men following recommendations from the second.

3. Drama Addicts This was my favorite post of the month.

4. What 9/11 Reminds Us About Marriage Gratitude is one of my favorite topics and 9/11 was a perfect time to feel grateful.

5. 4 Cornerstone Habits of Healthy Families I plan on expanding this post in the future and make it into a series of posts. All four of these habits are important.


Two posts were in the Top 5 most read posts from this past month even though they were written previously:

Pastoral Advice for Single Women The idea for this article was born from a decade of grieving beside single women.

I Wouldn’t Sleep With You Either This post has become the second most read post of all time.

2 Responses to September’s Top Posts
  1. stevebrawner Reply

    Here are my three theories why “Wives” got twice as many views as “Husbands.”

    1. The first paragraph of “Wives” included the word “sex.” The first paragraph of “Husbands” included the words “clean the kitchen.” Which do you think is going to get more attention?
    2. Sadly, I think in general, wives spend a lot more time thinking about their marriage than husbands do.
    3. For a lot of reasons, wives are more likely to pass along a link like this to friends. My wife sent it to her friends. I didn’t send it to mine.

    My two cents, anyway.

    Steve Brawner

  2. dennyneff Reply

    Could it be that women are really curious about what Kevin would tell his wife? So many women of all ages struggle with self-image and are hungry to find out what more they can do. Either that or your readers have just given up on husbands :/ ___ I hope not. Even with this husband being married more than 43 years, I’m still trying to figure it out (just a real slow learner.

    Love you Pastor and thanks for writing. Next week’s not going to be so bad. It will give me an opportunity to catch-up on some of your past postings that I’ve missed.

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