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Top 5 Most Read Posts for June

Here are the top 5 most read posts for the month of June:

1. Stop Giving Them What They Want was born from a protest that never was. Rumors spread across social media saying a group would protest a funeral of a fallen soldier. Why this group gets the attention they desire I will never know.

2. Do Not Redefine Marriage reminds every married couple of the real threat to their relationship. While the national news covered a Supreme Court ruling which redefined the national laws regarding marriage, many couples are unaware they are living outside of the Biblical definition of marriage.

3. Trust Me, It Matters (or Read this Before Your Die) was the most surprising post of the month for me. I never expected it to get the attention it received. Clearly this touched people in a way I didn’t understand it would.

4. You Will Have an Affair if… was the most practical post of the month. Every person should read this post on a monthly basis as a reminder of the danger which is present.

5. How to Break up a Drug Deal (or an Affair) in the Church Parking Lot broke into the top 5. My wife convinced me to use every Friday to tell a funny story of being a pastor. This was one of the first attempts at doing so. Friday’s have turned into my favorite posts to write.


My favorite two posts of the month were:

It’s Not My Job to Read Your Mind which I think is a vital idea at work and marriage.

And After the Funeral She Hit Him in the Nuts because it is one of my favorite stories of the past decade.


While a few of this month’s posts are some of the most read of the year, these three still have the most views for the year:

1. How I Predict Divorce Based on the Wedding Cake

2. Three Types of Sex Every Married Couple Should Have

3. What a Drunk Girl Deserves

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing. Next month I will cover a few topics which have been submitted by readers including the question: How do I parent an adult child who is making bad choices?

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