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O Canada, Buy Friends, Partners & Lovers

For the past two weeks, a good amount of my time promoting my book has been spent in Canada. Last week, I made a quick trip to Toronto to tape an interview with 100 Huntley. That interview will air some time this fall. In a few weeks, I’ll be guest posting with one of my favorite marriage bloggers from Canada, Shelia Gregorie. But today, I’m happy to share a video podcast with Melinda Estrabrooks. We Skyped the interview a few weeks ago and it was a good deal of fun.

A few thoughts before you watch the interview:

1. I clearly need to organize the books on my bookshelf and do better product placement for You Turn and Friends, Partners & Lovers.

2. Apparently, we need to upgrade our wifi at church just a bit so it won’t cut out.

3. I love podcasts and radio interviews, anyone need a guest host on occasion?

4. Are there really people who have bought the book yet? Ha. Over the weekend, I had another friend who didn’t know I had published another book. Come on people, just hurry up and buy the book.

Here’s the interview. If you don’t mind, comment on the show’s page to show your support.

4 Responses to O Canada, Buy Friends, Partners & Lovers
  1. Matt Caine, Faith Strong Today, President Reply

    Great to hear your heart during your conversation with Melinda. Kevin, just loved what you said about marriage revealing our sinfulness. With honesty and humour, I appreciate your observation of how God shows us our need for grace through marriage (and parenthood). Thanks for sharing this and for your support!

    Matt Caine

  2. Kristen Reply

    Having read the book (twice) It was great to hear you speak on specific aspects of it with your humor, experience and humility. I have gifted the book to friends and family all of whom have expressed gratitude for its message. Whatever season of life or whether in a relationship or not, this book will speak to you.
    Enjoyed your interview with Melinda!

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