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Cooking With Ella (A Birthday Present)

For Ella’s 10th birthday, she had an interesting request–she wanted to host a cooking show. That makes my 10th birthday present–an L.A. Laker basketball–seem simple.

Thankfully her mother is a great cook and her cousin is a videographer so what Ella wants, Ella gets.

Here is her episode of Cooking with Ella. Leave a comment on Facebook or in the comment section as she loves to read all the comments. Also, look below the video for some of my favorite links to posts about Ella.


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76 Responses to Cooking With Ella (A Birthday Present)
  1. […] (Today is Ella’s 10th birthday. She wants you to see her gift. To do so, click here.) […... kevinathompson.com/a-story-about-ella-on-her-10th-birthday
  2. Gloria Smith Reply

    Nice job, Ella! Your pizzas look yummy! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! Happy birthday!

  3. Tracy Winchell Reply

    Yummy, Ella! Makes me want a pizza for breakfast. Do you deliver? Happy birthday, young lady. Thanks for blessing us all with your smile and with your mad cooking skillz for your birthday.

  4. Kelly Longley Reply

    This is the best cooking show I have ever seen! Ella is so polite and graceful. Jenny is such a loving and patient momma. Thanks for sharing! I’m thinking mini pizzas are going to be made in our kitchen very soon! Have a Happy Birthday, Miss Ella

  5. Cedra Flake Reply

    Ella that was the best cooking video I have watched. You and your mom did a great job. Have a Happy Birthday sweet girl….Mrs Cedra

  6. Anna Zimmer Reply

    Awesome job! Happy Birthday Ella! ❤️

  7. Ada Reply

    Nice show! Sophie and Landon are asking to watch it now, so I have to keep my comments short!! Great job, Ella (and Jenny)!!

  8. Melanie Reply

    Great job! What a unique thing to ask for your birthday!

  9. jennifer Reply

    1st-this may be the best birthday present ever. 2nd- Ella and Jenny did an amazing job! They are both naturals. Happy Birthday Ella!

  10. mokevaustin1 Reply

    Ella, I couldn’t have loved your show ANY more. We will try this recipe this week. Happy, happy birthday! Us July birthday girls ROCK! Your former teacher is super proud!

  11. Paula Fisher Reply

    Happy Birthday, Ella! Love your show and would like to see another cooking session! Consider me a fan!

  12. Leigh Zuerker Reply

    Ella, what an awesome gift! We can all learn from you. Hope your day is great. Happy Birthday, Mary Claire’s Mom

  13. Cheryl maxwell Reply

    Wow! Great job Ella! I’m so impressed with your “show”. You and your mom need to be on TV. I think my kids will want to watch this and make mini pizzas at our house!

  14. Janet Lesford Reply

    Ella, it looks so good!! You are a great cook! Awesome!

  15. Betty Kai hogue Reply

    Oh my goodness! Ella you are a movie star! I want your autograph! That’s the best cooking show I’ve seen in a long time. I love cooking shows and yours is my FAVORITE! You did an awesome job!

  16. Anna Snow Reply

    Loved the show! Thanks for sharing with us. The pizza looks yummy.

  17. Deborah Reply

    Ella, you are my new favorite cooking star! Happy Birthday! I really like your video. You and your mom did an excellent job — and it looked like so much fun too!

  18. Mary Summers Reply

    Those pizzas look so good. And I learned how to make a great crust. Thank you, Ella, for your wonderful cooking show.

  19. Leigh Walker Reply

    I LOVE your show!! Very good I hope you will be making me some pizza soon!!

  20. Vanessa Reply

    That was awesome Ella! I think you and your mom could have your own cooking show on tv. You make a great team! I’m going to fix these tonight with my kids 🙂

  21. Stacey Glaser Reply

    Ella, I watched your show with my daughter, Eden. Eden and I love to cook together, and we can’t wait to try your mini pizzas! We hope you do more cooking shows! Happy birthday!

  22. Kimberly Cox Reply

    Ella this is the best cooking show I have ever watched. The girls and I will be making these together this weekend. Love the idea of flatbread for homemade pizzas. Great Tip! Can’t wait for your next show. I bet you will be making many more because it was so good. Happy Birthday sweet girl. Cannot believe you are already 10.

  23. Lindsey Kennedy Reply

    Happy Birthday, Ella! You (and your mom) did a great job! I can’t wait to show Anniston your show and let her make mini pizzas, too! I hope you have the best day!

  24. Jennifer Smith Reply

    Happy Birthday Ella!!! What an amazing little girl. What a wonderful family you have!!! I hope your day is FABULOUS!!!

  25. Ellen Reply

    Nice job Ella! I enjoyed watching you cook. I am going to try fresh mozzarella cheese on my next homemade pizza. That’s what they use in Italy, too.

  26. Amanda gilmore Reply

    Thank you, Ella, for such a beautiful and information packed cooking show! I can’t wait to see the next episode!

  27. Sheryl Keeton Reply

    Looks Yummy Ella! Thanks for sharing your cooking skill on your special day. Hope it is a wonderful birthday!!

  28. Nancy Reply

    My favorite cooking show EVER! I can’t wait to make these. Happy Birthday! Today is my baby girls 21st birthday. She loved watching your cooking show too.

  29. Julie Jones Reply

    This was the best cooking show I have seen in a long time, Ella! I can see you being on Food Network someday! And, I know what Jenna Beth and I are making tonight for dinner! Happy Birthday, sweet girl! Double digits!! Woohoo!!

  30. Janae Campbell Reply

    What a fun way to spend your birthday! I think I see a future youtube star! Mini pizzas are one of my favorite things to make at home but I’ve never thought to add fresh mozzarella. I can’t wait to try it next time! Happy Birthday, Ella!

  31. ToddApril Birkhead Reply

    Great show Ella and Jenny! I enjoyed watching your cooking show and will plan to make mini pizzas for my family, thank you for the idea. Ella, I hope you have a great day, Happy Birthday !!!!!

  32. Lynda Reply

    Awesome! Ella, I like fresh cheese on my pizza, too 🙂 I also like it on ham sandwiches. Thank you for sharing your cooking show!

  33. Meredith Simpson Reply

    Ella, I enjoyed watching your cooking show! You did a fabulous job!! You have motivated me to want to try making mini pizzas with my family. Have a great summer and I will see you back at school in August.

  34. Laura Keep Reply

    Chef Ella- Thanks for all the great cooking tips. My favorite pizza is pepperoni and mushroom too! Maybe we can share one next time. You are an excellent host. Please tell your mom she did a fabulous job too! I think you’re both naturals. Happy birthday! Love, Laura, Matt, Layne and Quinn

  35. Edie Reply

    Way to go Ella!!! I loved your show!! You are certainly a star!! Hope you have a great birthday!!

  36. Jenah Reply

    Ella, you did a fabulous job! Now I want some homemade pizzas by Ella! I couldn’t be more proud of my cousin!

  37. Rhonda Reply

    Wow! Ella! Great show! I hope you have a very happy birthday sweet girl!

  38. Mary Reply

    What a great cooking show. Thanks for sharing it with us. Happy birthday! I hope you do a cooking show again to show us how to make fruit salad.

  39. Dave Steadham Reply

    Happy Birthday Della. You are awesome. I can’t wait to make some pizzas with my kids.

  40. Katie Hadrovic Reply

    Hi Ella, Today is MY birthday too and watching your video was a wonderful present for me. I have a daughter named Ella too and I think it is one of the most beautiful names ever! Happy Birthday sweet girl. I am going to have some pizza for my birthday lunch, but I bet it won’t be as good as the one you made!

  41. Wanda Gray Reply

    Ella, I learned so much from this video and hope you do another one. (I like cheese too!!) I also hope you have a wonderful 10th birthday and I love the idea of your birthday wish…you are a natural in the kitchen!

  42. Miss Norma from KIDS FIRST Reply

    Great Job Ella! I love cooking shows and yours was great!

  43. Lori Reply

    Thanks for showing us how to make yummy mini pizzas, Ella! You are a beautiful host. Happy Birthday!

  44. Whitney Reply

    Happy Birthday, Ella! This was an awesome cooking show! Thank you for sharing it with us! Charlotte loved watching it too!

  45. Will Callaway Reply

    Ella, you seem like a better cook than my mom! Way to go! Happy birthday.

  46. Melissa Showen Reply

    Great show!

  47. Liz ReeceLiz Reece Reply

    Mini pizzas what a great idea! Thank you for sharing Ella. Hope you are having a great summer. —Liz Reece, the Keep girl’s grandmother.

  48. Carolyn Orr Reply

    Wow, Ella, what a great job! You and your Mom should have your own show on 40-29! Happy birthday, pretty girl!

  49. April Reply

    Great show–thanks for sharing a great idea. We will have to try that at our house! Happy Birthday, Ella!

  50. Kristi Couch Reply

    Happy Birthday Ella!!’ You are a tv star! I loved watching your show and learning how to make pizza. Great job!. Have a great day!

  51. missnjenn Reply

    That was awesome Ella & Mom!
    Thanks for sharing your birthday with us! I can’t wait to try your pizzas the next time I make them, especially with fresh mozzarella. Yum! I hope the rest of your day is as special as you!
    Many blessings Ella to you and your family,
    Ms. Janet

  52. Kelly McGruder Reply

    Great job Ella, I enjoyed your cooking show! Happy Birthday!

  53. Mindy smith Reply

    What a great birthday gift! I would have loved that when I was Ella’s age! Happy Birthday Ella! My favorite pizza is pepperoni and mushroom too! Now I’m hungry!

  54. Jane Reply

    I enjoyed your cooking show Ella. Your mini pizzas looked delicious. I think I will try your recipe. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day.

  55. Shelly Reply

    Happy Birthday Ella! I loved your cooking show and you made it look so easy. I plan to try to make my own mini pizzas. God bless.

  56. Emily L. Reply

    Yummy, Ella!! That cooking show was soooo good, and the food is making me hungry! My son Ian watched with me and he’s excited to make this, but he asked me to leave off the red onions and the mushrooms. 🙂 Happy Birthday! You look beautiful.

  57. Savannah Reply

    Ella, I loved your video! It was a very good cooking video! That pizza looked amazing! Happy birthday beautiful, intelligent, sweet girl!
    -Savannah Lawrence

  58. Monica Chapman Reply

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ella! I loved your cooking show! Your pizzas looked absolutely delicious! Blessings! 🙂

  59. Christina Schoeppey Reply

    I loved your show Ella! Happy birthday!

  60. Erica Reply

    i loved watching this!! Very cool! Happy Birthday!!

  61. Cara Mohundro Reply

    Ella, you have grown up so much! 10 years old AND hosting your own cooking show! Wow!

  62. Jenny Kilgore Reply

    Ella, you are such a beautiful girl inside and out. Your cooking show was fantastic and I can’t wait to try it out!

  63. Tracy Smith Reply

    Happy Birthday Ella! I loved your cooking show and can’t wait to make your pizza. It looks delicious! You and your mommy are beautiful chefs!

  64. Leanna Reply

    Making homemade pizza is something I haven’t done in a long time . You have inspired me to make them soon. Thank you for sharing your talent !! Happy birthday !!

  65. Melinda Yowell Reply

    Happy Birthday, Ella! Your pizzas look yummy! Thanks for teaching us how to make them! I’ll see you in August!

  66. Kim Reply

    Wow Ella what a great show! I loved your idea of the flatbread!! I hope you had a happy birthday. I was wondering if you made a birthday cake pizza for dessert?

  67. Shannon Rutherford Reply

    Happy birthday, Ella! Your cooking show was the best one I’ve ever seen. Thank you for sharing your recipe and your awesome birthday present.

  68. Catherine Reply

    Happy Birthday Ella! I loved watching your cooking video on how to make pizza’s! Thank-you for teaching all of us how to cook one of your favorite foods…it looks like it will be mine too! You made it look so easy and delicious:-) You have such a wonderful family and you are such a beautiful young lady!! Hope you have a great summer:-)

  69. Kathy Reply

    This was fantastic! The pizzas looked yummy and Ella did a awesome job!!!

  70. Joel Reply

    That was a very nice show Ella. Well done. I am so blessed watching you and your Mom cook. Happy birthday!

  71. Valerie & Sarah Reply

    Ella, we love your show! Your opening is great! You have mad cooking skills.

  72. tonya watson Reply

    Enjoyed your show! I wanna try the flatbread for the crust. Great idea! Hope to see you again. Happy Birthday!!!

  73. Heather R Nota Reply

    Great job, Ella. Happy Birthday to you. I will be trying out your mini pizza recipe soon, all the way here in Zimbabwe!!!!

  74. Harriot Reply

    Thank you for sharing your birthday with others, Ella. You are a wonderful cook! My favorite part was at the end, when you took a bite of pizza and smiled. ( :

  75. Barbara McFarlin Reply

    , that was a great cooking show and the pizzas looked really tasty. Thanks for sharing and Hppy Birthday!!!

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