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Cooking With Ella (A Birthday Present)

For Ella’s 10th birthday, she had an interesting request–she wanted to host a cooking show. That makes my 10th birthday present–an L.A. Laker basketball–seem simple.

Thankfully her mother is a great cook and her cousin is a videographer so what Ella wants, Ella gets.

Here is her episode of Cooking with Ella. Leave a comment on Facebook or in the comment section as she loves to read all the comments. Also, look below the video for some of my favorite links to posts about Ella.


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78 Responses to Cooking With Ella (A Birthday Present)
  1. […] (Today is Ella’s 10th birthday. She wants you to see her gift. To do so, click here.) […... https://www.kevinathompson.com/a-story-about-ella-on-her-10th-birthday

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