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Top 5 Most Read Marriage Posts of 2013

For the next few days I will be reviewing the most read posts of 2013. I will end the year with around 275 posts. Over one-fourth of those posts have been about marriage.

Before reviewing the top 5, I want to highlight what I think is the most important post on marriage from the previous year. While it did not make the Top 5, it is the foundational idea behind every marriage post: The Most Important Marriage Advice I Could Ever Give. Having the humility to recognize you don’t know it all is the key to a good marriage. It gives a couple the willingness to seek help and learn.

Here are the Most Read Posts of 2013:

1. The Warning Sign of a Bad Marriage You Might Miss It surprises me this was the most read marriage post of the year. Clearly this article hit on an important topic. The perception of what a bad marriage looks like is often not the reality. Far more marriages end with a whimper than an explosion.

2. How I Predict Divorce Based on the Wedding Cake This was a fun post with an important truth. Respect plays a key role in marriage (as I wrote here). How a couple exchanges the wedding cake can reveal how much respect they have for one another.

3. The Most Overlooked Characteristic of Who You Want to Marry Suffering was a theme of 2013 both professionally and personally. This post was born as I watched my wife handle a terminal diagnosis with her Dad. It drove home to me how fortunate I was to have someone like her. A couple who can suffer together can stay together through almost any issue.

4. Four Lies to Never Tell Your Spouse Lies will destroy a marriage. Most of them fall into one of four categories. If you find yourself telling your spouse a lie, find a counselor and get help. Most lies are eventually found out. It’s far better to handle the issue before it is exposed.

5. You Will Have an Affair If… Most affairs happen because a person has a lack of boundaries in their life. They don’t plan on having an affair, but the also do not make a plan to prevent an affair from happening.

Which idea or post meant the most to you this year? What marriage issue would you like for me to cover in 2014?


4 Responses to Top 5 Most Read Marriage Posts of 2013
  1. Cheryl Maxwell Reply

    I Think #3,#4, And #5 Are All Important Topics. I Would Love To Hear You Speak On Those, Kevin!

    • Kevin A. Thompson Reply

      I’m looking at the preaching schedule for 2014. We might work it in.

  2. Sydney Goodwin Reply

    All are important, but I think at my age the comment on suffering spoke to me the most. I had a conversation last night with a relative of mine and we spoke about that very thing. Also, we are invited to a wedding dinner/reception this weekend. The wedding was several weeks ago in another state. I had never thought about the wedding cake. When I got married, my husband to be knew without my telling him that I did not want cake smeared all over my face and he certainly did not want his brand new suit messed up. We were young and did not have much money so that suit was dear to him. When he died and I remarried after a few years, we did not have a cake but had a wedding breakfast. At our 25th wedding anniversary, if you look at the pictures, the way we fed each other wedding cake was a loving gesture. That day of our anniversary, every single person we invited came and we both were so excited about that day, we sat up and talked about it all night. I cannot wait til our 50th. lol. I think we will both be too senile to even remember.

    • Kevin A. Thompson Reply

      Sydney, thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I wish I could get more couples to follow your example of how to handle the wedding cake.

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