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Parenting, Sports, and the Gospel (A Reading Guide)

On Sunday April 27, 2014 I will be at the Greenwood Campus of Community Bible Church for a special Sunday on Parenting, Sports, and the Gospel. I will be joined by Hall of Fame Football Coach Rick Jones in a one-on-one discussion. Here is a reading guide in preparation for Sunday.


When to Teach Your Kid a Lesson

One Thing We Must Teach Our Kids

Parenting: Too Involved, Not Involved Enough

How Parents Focus on the Wrong Things

Sometimes You Can Only Wear One Hat


One Thing Every Parent Must Understand

Parenting and Authority: Who Has the Final Say

Why You Should Never Yell at a Tee-Ball Umpire


No Lies/No Slang: How to Raise Healthy Kids Who Make Their Grandparents Uncomfortable

Shame On Me for Shaming Them

Never Throw Your Fit When They Are Throwing Theirs


A Father’s Primary Role

Don’t Just Hope Your Kid Loves Jesus, Teach Them Too

6+1, The First Math Problem We Should Teach Our Children

4 Corner Stone Habits of Healthy Families


3 Ways Parents Discourage Their Kids

How Parents Influence Their Children

3 Things to Do When Parenting Goes Wrong


Obey Your Mother, Respect My Wife

I Just Want to Be Happy

Why You Aren’t Getting What You Want

Understand Your Child

What Every Parent Should Know as Kids Go Back to School

Recognize Your Child’s Pain

A Parenting Lesson from Jesus

Helping Our Kids Through Hurt

Cheerleader Tryouts (or When Dreams Don’t Come True)

Walking with My Son Through the Death of His Grandfather

Sometimes It’s Better Not to Play

When Our Kids Make Bad Choices

What a Child’s Mistake Reveals About the Parents

How to Respond to Others When They Make Bad Decisions

How to Parent an Adult Child Who Is Making Bad Decisions

Love Doesn’t Always Feel Loving (or Why It’s Okay to Leave Your Kid in Jail)



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