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Five Ways a Husband Respects His Wife

Few things kill intimacy between two people like an absence of respect.

It’s often said that what men need most is respect and what women need most is love. It simply isn’t true.

Women need respect just as much as men. Respect is an aspect of love within the context of marriage. (See: Respect–A Necessary Ingredient for Marriage)

The need for a husband to respect his wife is just as important as a wife respecting her husband.

Five ways a husband respects his wife:

1. He seeks to fully know her and to woo her heart. Respect drives action. As a byproduct of respect, I should seek to know my wife more. Because I respect what I know, I desire to know even more. I then use that knowledge in order to win her heart over and over again. This is easily done while dating, but, sadly, many men stop attempting to woo their wife after a ring is placed on her finger. This is disrespectful. Whenever a woman says, “I do,” her husband should continue to invest in her heart and build her affection toward him. Whether through intention or apathy, to fail to learn more about my wife is to communicate a lack of respect for who she is and who she wants to become.

2. He is a true partner to her in raising children, making a home, and fulfilling her dreams. Respect includes time, work, and aspirations. Whenever a husband fails to be a partner to his wife in every area of her life, he is showing that he does not respect her responsibilities, giftedness, and expectations. One of the joys of marriage should be the knowledge that we are not alone in anything. In every aspect of life I have someone cheering me on and assisting me to do what needs to be done. We expect this from women toward their husbands. We should also expect it from men toward their wives. (See: Mary a Partner, Not a Child)

3. He speaks to her and about her with respect. Communication is often the easiest way to identify if someone respects another. We are quick to excuse poor communication in the context of marital commitment, but it should not be excused. While grace should always be given and no one is perfect, it is fair for a spouse to expect to be talked to and talked about in a respectful way. A husband should talk about his wife in a way that honors her, and protects her weaknesses and privacy. He should also talk to her in a way that reveals the deep love and admiration he has for her. (See: Respect–the Secret to Good Communication in Marriage)

4. He is influenced by her opinions and beliefs. People I respect influence me. I can’t help it. Because I hold them in such high admiration, I am changed because of them. If a husband is not influenced by his spouse, he does not respect her. In order to be influenced, I have to seek my wife’s opinions and attempt to understand her beliefs. Anytime I assume I know her or I excuse what she thinks, I am failing to respect her. Men and women are different. We see things differently and understand things differently. A wise husband sees his wife as his greatest ally in business, family, and life. Even if she doesn’t know the details of what he is doing, she is the leading expert on his strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge should make her a trusted ally.

5. He nourishes a healthy emotional relationship with her. For some men this is easy. For others it is very difficult. Yet because I respect my spouse, I desire to give her what she needs. I am not fully responsible for everything she needs, but there are many things which can only come from me. It is a sign of respect when a husband lets down his guard and allows his wife to have full access to his heart—what he is thinking, feeling, fearing, desiring, etc. This is a risky proposition and one we shouldn’t just try with anyone. Only in the context of deep love should we attempt such a relationship. (See: A Checklist to Gauge Your Emotional Health)

Respect is a vital part of any relationship. It is a necessary aspect of a healthy marriage. Where respect is present, problems are negotiable, communication is helpful, and compassion is abounding. Where respect is absent, everything is toxic.

Husbands, love your wives by developing a deep respect for them.

Women, what is it that makes you feel the most respected by your husbands?

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12 Responses to Five Ways a Husband Respects His Wife
  1. L Reply

    My husband has never respected me and has always made that very clear. He says that I don’t “do anything” for him. I apparently don’t help him be a better person. I am deeply hurt by this and made that known. He answers by ignoring me. We have 2 small children together and have children from previous marriages. I stay at home with the kids and homeschool. I make all of our meals. I keep the house realitively clean. I am generally ready for sex when he is. I keep up my personal appearance. I give everything I am to him and our children. I do not understand why he doesn’t respect me.

    Our story is a long and dramatic one so I can’t possibly write it all here. I have had my share of mental/emotional issues but have only made great strides forward. I have sought help and gotten better. I finally love and respect myself. He still does not. I guess I didn’t care when I also thought myself unworthy. But now that I know my worth, I feel this is something we cannot overcome. I don’t want my daughters thinking they are unworthy. I don’t want my son’s to treat their wives as if they are unworthy.

    I am torn on what to do. I deserve respect. I deserve love. He does also. But what if he never can respect me?

    • Kevin A. Thompson Reply

      If he can’t grow in his respect for you, I don’t see how the marriage can be healthy.

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  3. Celeste Reply

    I think for me, when I see that he TRUSTS me. As a man in upper management in his company, my hubby is used to making decisions and delegating tasks and sometimes, that bleeds over into home as well. When he recognizes my abilities to make sound decisions as it relates to our children, our home, and even our finances/budget, I feel that he’s truly respecting me as his partner.

    I appreciated the perspective you brought to the table. While I do feel that my husband places a higher emphasis on respect (in general, not just in our marriage) than I do, your post opened my eyes to the ways that I truly do value his mutual respect toward me. Thank you for that!


  4. Torie Reply

    When he stays faithful

  5. Jenna Reply

    Ive been in a relationship for 5 years and there has always been some sort of issue with my fiance regarding respect, it was only recently that I’ve realized how bad it is. Too many things to list. Anyway, I’m currently at my lowest point. Emotionally​ and physically burnt out and my head spins just thinking about what to do with our relationship. Reading articles and watching videos endlessly which leads me to this article. I want to thank you for putting some things in perspective for me. This is one of a handful of articles that meant something to me. So thank you.

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  8. Sad but likely moving on Reply

    He doesn’t cheat on her with multiple women at work for over 11 years. And then tell those women horrible things about his wife. But once he gets caught all of a sudden he’s in love with his wife again. Yeah sure, when it will cost him a huge divorce settlement.

  9. CC Reply

    I think I’m my case my husband doesn’t respect my financial opinion and the decisions I make with the kids or how I do things. It makes me feel so worthless and inadequate. I already suffer with depressive mood so he doesn’t make it any better with his micro managing and mistakes with our finances. I just feel so stuck and not happy when I so badly want to be. I try to tell him how I’m feeling and he doesn’t truly listen to me. I suggested counseling but he is not fully open to it. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m hurt and so angry.

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