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Top 5 Sex Posts of 2013

When I started the blog at the beginning of 2013, I knew marriage would be a common topic. Eventually I settled into the schedule of writing about marriage every Wednesday. I assume it is a schedule I will keep in 2014.

Many of the marriage posts are the most read posts from the year. However, one thing I didn’t consider when starting the blog was writing about sex. Yet many posts and several of the top posts from the 2013 were on the topic of sex.

Here are the Top 5 Most read posts about sex from 2013:

1.  I Wouldn’t Sleep With You Either This post interested me on two fronts. First, it was the second most-read post of the entire year. Yet what’s more interesting to me is that one line in this post resulted in more hate mail than any other line of the year. I can’t tell you how many people called me sexist for saying that the game of Putt-Putt was boy-centered. It saddened me that so many people got caught up on that one line at the expense of the rest of the article.

2. If I Could Tell Wives One Thing This post was actually a set-up. I wrote If I Could Tell Husbands One Thing before writing the piece on wives. When trying to think how I could get husbands to read the post (since most of my readers are women) I decided to write the wives’ piece first in order to get the conversation going. I knew if husbands and wives discussed the wives’ post first, they would be forced to discuss the husband’s piece (pun intended) as well. It worked. Both articles were well-read and I got more than a few messages when the wives article published first asking why I don’t say something to the men. I responded to each message with “Read tomorrow.”

3. Three Types of Sex Every Married Couple Should Have It’s funny how many couples think that planning sex takes all of the fun out of it. Yet they plan dinner, vacations, holidays, etc. Planning doesn’t hurt sex; it helps it. These three types of sex are a part of every healthy sex life. Consider and discuss each type. If you are lacking in one area, make a plan to improve in 2014.

4. This Is Only for Women (Men Shouldn’t Read) This might be my best headline of the year. I guarantee you more men read this post than women. I have a follow-up to this blog which will publish sometime in early 2014.

5. The 24 Hour Sex Rule (a simple solution to a common sex problem) Nearly every day someone ends up on this blog because they Google some version of “24 hour sex.” I doubt this article is what they are looking for, but the article is helpful to many couples. Ask any couple who has ever had a pre-marital discussion with me and they will remember this rule.

With nearly 275 posts in 2013, I didn’t write about sex very often, but when I did, the articles were well-read.

Leave a comment or send a message about what issues you would like for me to cover in 2014.

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